Migrating from Android

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S10 with fairly large suite of applications down-loaded from Play Store, and - outside of the well-documented standard apps of mail, calendar and contacts - I wonder whether I can expect to still be able to use them all once I migrate to /e/. For instance the apps enabling me to do online banking, or the apps from the Samsung suite (Health, Pass, …), or Keypass2Android, etc. Or if there are exceptions. Or If I would have to live without. Or …
Can someone shed some light on this please - or provide me a link to where I might find answers ?
Thanks !

Hi @esarrat welcome to the forum!

Yes and no. Yes, if you want to escape Google, if you do not make any attempt to avoid Google at the moment you are likely to find it a shock.

Perhaps you could do some reading, try to answer some specific questions for yourself. Do come back with another question.

Getting Started on /e/

This is a search of our lists, one for banking apps and others …Lists - /e/ community



In your case, I would first think about whether I am ready at all. It’s not just about deGoogling, it’s about the whole thing.
So the consideration should not be, how can I get all my apps to work under /e/OS, but how can I get rid of all the crap.
Installing /e/OS alone is not the solution. It is just the beginning of a long and hard way.


Thank you aibd and kisman172 !