Migration of Backup of data from iOS or Android phone to /e/OS

Wanted to check with users on the forum if you have tried any apps to migrate or backup all your data from iOS or Android phone to your /e/OS?
If yes which tools did you try out ?
Were they free or paid and what was the result.
The idea is to check if there are any existing tools , apps which work well.
If yes we can recommend them to other users and also provide some good documentation around how to use them.
If there are no such 100% working solution then this can be the starting point for some development effort from our side.


That’s an interesting subject! Recently I have investigated ways to transfer user data from iPhone to Android, but what is usually offered goes against the objectives for which we are all here (most of them rely on the iCloud integration).


I don’t think there can be a “100% working solution” to migrate from iOS to an Android based system. Even between Android version there are incompatibilities that make automatic migrations problematic.

I sync my contacts, calendars, notes, pictures and my signal backup to my Nextcloud. Changing device takes some time for everything to work the way I want it again, but it doesn’t happen often and the most important point is that I don’t loose relevant data.

To begin with, it would be nice to deal with the contacts at least. Right now I have one very old iPhone (iOS 6) from which I would like to import all contacts.

iOS does support CardDAV natively afaik. So it should be easy to sync your contacts to /e/-cloud or another compatible server (NextCloud, radicale,…).



Good post, I have discovered it only now …

In my case, Android to /e/OS:

Contacts : I exported from old Android device by creating a .vcf file (as vCard was a standard backup option from the menu in the old Android) in the micro SD card. Then I made /e/OS import the contacts from the file. Feedback: easy and straightforward, it worked like a charm.

Calendar entries: I did not find any way to export easily, therefore I resorted to manual entry on /e/OS Feedback: sad

Photos : copy - paste to micro SD card, and then to /e/OS. Feedback: easy.

SMS : I did not find any easy way, I resorted to an app called “SMS Backup +” (if I am not mistaken). Feeback: easy with app, but I was disappointed not to have found another way of transferring the SMS

Whatsapp : I followed the different guides of the forum and in the end, I managed to transfer the local backup from Android to /e/OS. Feedback: it worked, but I have a vague memory that it was not that so easy and short…

That’s all (I do not use the smartphone for other tasks). I would be interested in knowing if there are other ways, in case I have to re-install… or if the best solution would be a full backup (how?).

Thank you

My experience : going from iOS to /e/OS.

I have first created my account on /e/ via web. Then installed /e/OS on my FP3. After that :

Contacts : export from MacOS Contacts all my contacts in VCF format. Then via web interface, import VCF file in /e/.

Calendar : export from MacOS to ICS file. And then import it in /e/.

Web bookmarks : I use Firefox. On MacOS and /e/ both, so nothing to do.

I use Dropbox for lot of files. I have installed it on /e/, everything is running.

Can anyone advise me how I can migrate WhatsApp iOS to WhatsApp eOS? What is the best way and how can I do it. I searched the web and there are a lot of possibilities but I would like to hear from people in this forum who are not interested in my data’s.

Thanks for the help

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For app data I use 3C App Manager (actually 3C Toolbox which includes the App Manager). It is only available via Aurora or Play Store and needs root to backup app data. It is reliable and well maintained. The Toolbox Pro allows to schedule backups.
For calendar, contacts, SMS and call log there is the app 3C Sensitive Backups, in combination with the Toolbox Pro these backups can be scheduled also.


Hello :slight_smile:

First post here from longtime Fairphone 1U (FP1U) user about to switch to a Fairphone 3+ that i have already switched manually to /e/OS. My trusty FP1U has a “Backup and Restore” app that allows for quick easy backups. I wonder if I can import these three files into /e/ standard apps without any need for a dedicated migration app:


I take it .vcf should be no problem, but what about .vmsg and .vcs?

Oh, and at first sight it seems there is no backup app pre-installed in /e/OS, right?

There’s the ecloud …

Can’t say much about it, though, as I don’t use it.

Seedvault is coming, but not here yet …

You can use TWRP on the Fairphone 3/3+, if you can live with the bootloader left open …