Minecraft app : I bought it via the App Lounge but then it doesn't work on /e/ os! :(

it’s very frustrating.
I connected my App Lounge with Google so I could pay for the Minecraft app.
It worked but… when I launched the Minecraft app, I just see these words: they can’t have access to the license on this phone so they can’t open the app.

Can’t we do something?

If you know something, please tell me.

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Just a wild guess: Have you played with the “Advanced Privacy” settings?

Update: Noticed this German topic which seems to clarify things:

Seems not to run under eOS, I did deactivate all advanced privacy settings. Anyway even if it runs you need a Microsoft account to login. I reimbursed the money for this game


You guys should try Minetest / Mineclone2. Its a very good, FLOSS alternative :+1::grin:


Even with a Microsoft account, would Minecraft still work? From the OP’s post it also sounds like the game can do In-App Purchases. Not really sure but if so it still would not work.

I’m getting the urge to find out but…

I think it’s mainly a problem of communication between the App Lounge and the Minecraft app.
The App Lounge can imitate the PlayStore to buy and download the app, but not to communicate the buying licence to the Minecraft app when the Minecraft app is opening…

It has to be solved by the /e/os team I think.

Ah, license checking. That falls under IAP so it wouldn’t work regardless as the actual Play Store is needed to handle that.
IAP and license checking will not work. That is a known limitation.
Nothing Murena nor the Aurora Store people can do about that.

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it’d be worth it to get an “adb logcat” for the failing check to have some log lines to classify it. If it’s in-app-purchase (IAP) it will look like TOMTOM doesn work · Issue #782 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

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Thanks guys. The support here a Murena is incredible!

but make no mistake - you can hack a solution personally by including the real play services, but as of now it will not work and there are no plans to make it possible either.

So I guess the only thing is to wait and hope for change.

Not really so much a hack if one is rooted. There is a Magisk module that replaces FakeStore (now known as App Lounge Store on /e/) with the patched Play Store from Nanolx. No other Google services need be installed or hacked around.
Otherwise yeah, the hacky way by manually replacing and pushing files. Consulting the installer contents might give ideas.

[MODULE] fakestore2playstore - microG with License Verification + In-App-Purchases | XDA Forums

Previously memtioned in this thread

Note that latest version of module is 0.2 from the GitHub.

I’m thinking that would be quite the long wait.