Minor issues after OTA upgrade on S9

After the OTA upgrade on Feb 1 to v0.21 I experience some minor issues on my Samsung 9.

(First time ever since I use the OTA, so far it was all smoothless. This is also the first time that I actually skipped a full version, I upgraded from 0.19 to 0.21 at once. Could that be risky?)

Anyway, these are my issues:

  • fingerprint unlock did not longer work (easily resolved by adding a new fingerprint)
  • emergency alert was not received by my phone. (NL-alert was sent to the whole area, previously I had always received it. I checked the settings, and emergency alerts are still on. Also did not appear in my emergency alert history).
  • I can no longer swap the language settings When I switch to Dutch, the text on the space bar changes to Dutch, but the spell check is still stuck on English. In email, Signal, SMS, etc.
  • All my saved alarms sounds were all set to volume 0.

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No, it would carry no risk if this was an /e/ version update.

In this and your more recent post Phone fails to start after OTA upgrade on S9: Custom binary blocked by OEM lock you have not fully made clear if you are part of this group ota-upgrade where the most significant thing is that this was the first ever OTA Upgrade of Android version from Android 8, Oreo to Android 10, Q on phones in the build type (or channel) stable. If this needs clarity please read https://doc.e.foundation/build-status

You will know that Samsung users on Oreo would have had to backup all their data, install a stock ROM, then reinstall a dev version of /e/ Q to do this upgrade of Android version. So a great deal of magic was done on these devices to do this OTA – there were a few casualties.

Are you one is what I am asking? Did you and do you run a “stable” build. If in doubt this is revealed in Settings > About phone > Android version > /e/ version.
On many devices a long press on /e/ version will “Copy to clipboard”. Near the end of the string is included dev or stable.

Hi thanks for your reply.

I admit I didn’t follow the forum discussions on updates lately, although yes, I have heard rumours. :slight_smile:
I think yes, as far a I know I am one of those with a Samsung who migrated to the first stable Q build.

(However, there is no way to check that right now as my phone is not booting any more.
added: In Odon mode it states : ‘CURRENT BINARY: Custom’ but I assume that is not the same as custom build, right?)

Thank you. You are right Odin mode tells us nothing sadly. What about your history with the device? Did you buy it from /e/slotions shop? Did you use easy installer? Both those sources would be stable.

Does the phone boot into recovery mode now?

ah yes, I bought it from the /e/ solutions shop, about 2 years ago.

I just added a picture of where i get stuck in the other thread:

So it will be stable. The issue was mentioned in today’s Week 09, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates offering no actual recommended fix today. If you read some of the 12 other posts in your group. #ota-upgrade you will see all devices seem to be Samsung S9. I feel all of you should either Report an issue or add their report to a similar situation.

For a self fix you would probably have to consider flashing an original Samsung firmware (a stock ROM) and then treat the job as a fresh install of a dev /e/ build.

And it does seem singular that OEM lock got applied.

The phone will remain stable sound in Odin mode. A Force stop of Volume down + Power should bring the phone out, but the phone may not be stable sound. The first thing I would try is to see if I can get to a stable sound and useful Recovery; using Volume up + Bixby + Power from Powered OFF.

Yes, that is probably a coincidence, then.
I just thought to mention it, just in case it will be replicated.

Yes, this works.

This doesn’t.
Only Volume down + Bixby + Power works, but it brings me back into the Custom OS mode, for downloading.

(good to know by the way: i confused the recovery mode and the odin custom OS mode.
Now I know that my shortcut to the recovery mode does not function)

Are you able to stop the phone and does it charge? In my experience the phone will not charge in this Odin mode.

No, there is no charging light flashing up.
(But it must have charged before, after the issue emerged. As my phone switched off because of its empty battery, and it is no longer empty now.)