Mirror/transfer apps and settings between 2 /e/ phones

I have just upgraded my phone from a Galaxy S7 to S9.

My murena account has synced contacts, calendar and mail successfully.

Is there a way to transfer or mirror all my S7 apps and settings onto the S9.


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If you have dev builds of /e/OS, then rooted debugging is enabled. See this post for details of how to do what you want

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Thanks for that guide, something to try if I have no other avenue.

I have a new phone (S9) so am looking to transfer my apps - and their settings, or at least just the settings.

I see in ‘Accounts’, ‘Account Sync/Application Settings’, searching on here or google doesn’t bring up much info on this feature, unless i’m not using the right keywords.

I see the syncing of Application Settings is enabled in my Murena account, does this just apply to Murena Apps ?

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