More Android-like Launcher

Requesting changes to the launcher to be able to remove widgets and such from the “left of home” screen/page. And to not have an “iOS” like app GUI, like holding an app down to remove it and all apps “shake”? And the apps on the home screen can’t be repositioned anywhere on that screen, like trying to have a space in between apps isn’t possible. It automatically repositions the last app?

Nice wish, but the ‘boss’ likes the iOS design :sob::sob::sob:

There is nothing to stop you installing another launcher yourself. Have a look at openlauncher on f-droid.

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Hi @gokart2 the Bliss Launcher design has more to do with ease of use for all than with looking like iOS. You can check the detailed article on the Bliss here. The fact remain that ‘the all icons on the main screen’ approach provides new users a immediate ability to start using the OS. There is not much of a learning curve.
For those of us who prefer a different look a more android look there are a multiple of launcher available on app repositories which work perfectly well on /e/.
BTW as you can read in the article linked above the ‘android look’ is on the road map for the Bliss developer.

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