Moto E XT1527 Android 6

I am a " all my life " IOS user. I want to move to /e/ but, bought the wrong phone to test /e/ before buying a more fancy / expensive phone…

Is there a way to test /e/ on this MOTO E phone ?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Have a look on xad, I remember some builds are for Moto E 2015 (XT1523, 1524, … 1527). Perhaps you can try /e/nougat, @Unknown’s unofficial build that I run on my daily XT 1524…

Hope it will work…

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Is the 1524 also a surnia ??? If not, don’t try, you can brick the device for ever !

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Guntram and Anghirrim on the Telegram channel helped me.

Anghirrim helped/guided me installing LOS to validate that my Moto E 1527 Android 6.0 (surnia) could support LOS

Tomorrow, I’m trying /e/ … Can’t wait

XT1524 is Surnia. I had seen ROMs build for both 1524/1527 but I don’t know why they can…

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tks @trefix presently booting with it… seems to work.
someone know the person who created that build LOL ? (Am concerned about how secure it is LOL but appreciate the work of whoever did it.)

My goal of going with /e/ as most of you, is security, confidentiality and anonymity.


The guy which gave build it, have build most of the versions which are in the ‘unofficial rom’ section.
He have had free server resourches and has build all with official LOS versions.

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Cool ! For security, I had “split” my device with Shelter, because I didn’t found alternative to Contacts (fully working with all apps). So, no +xx phone number, no GPS, no microG… and webbrowser sandboxes with Shelter…

I will follow your thread.

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What does it mean ?

What does it mean ? For example, microG is also working in shelter. It’s the same as in main profile. And all apps in shelter do have access to gps

If you are running a lot of apps in shelter, it’s the same as using it in normal way.

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