Moto G5 Plus (Potter) Support

Hello, I am an owner of a Moto G5 plus (potter) and I am currently just running CR-Droid without the GApps with FDroid installed on top of it. However, /e/ looks very interesting to me as it has more community support and has a more privacy focused agenda, although I have no concerns about what I am running now. Anyways, could my phone ever be supported any time soon? Also, I am willing to help with the process, although this would be a “learning experience” as I have never done anything more technical with Android other than flashing ROMs with TWRP and the like.

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Hello, 2 weeks ago I thought building a ROM was for expert and it seemed impossible for my knowledge, I only knew how to flash a ROM.

Then I decided to upgrade my /e/ Oreo on Pie, with the help of this amazing community. I didn’t succeed yet but at least it seems possible and more obvious than before. So try :wink:

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I would also like to be able to use my G5 Plus (Potter) device with /e/.

@Anonyme There’s this unofficial LineageOS 17.1 build for Potter: which apparently runs well.

Also for LOS 16: which I currently use.

For building /e/ you need sources, right? I can ask, who knows I will succeed… please let me know.

Thanks, the sources are linked in the thread so it’s fine. No ETA, it takes a lot of time to build for a lot of devices.

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It still would be nice to have an /e/ version for G5 Plus :grinning: :+1: