Moto G7 plus lake official build

as stated here the ‘beta’ tag is suppose to disappare as the build get feedback.

does the included microG version support covid-19 tracking apps like this?
If not will the OTA updates include the ‘correct’ version ‘soon’?

The build is supposed to work only on some model number: how to get that information?

I have an unofficial /e/ build installed on my device (based on android 9), can I follow the general installation instruction or do I have to follow some different way in order to install the official build?

It is possible to backup and restore my current data (installed apps, apps data, settings, accounts, pictures, download files, ecc)? How?

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The version of microG still doesn’t support tracking apps…
Anybody can answer the other question.
Particularly how to backup/ restore data between /e/ versione?

If you have TWRP installed as your recovery, use that to backup.

Even from /e/ android 9?

I went from my Q-build (10) to Pie (9) on a supercleaned flash on my Samsung S5 without any problems.

Do you mean from P-build(9) TO Q-build(10), right?
As far as I can see TWRP has been uninstalled after /e/ current installation,
so the steps should be:

  • install TWRP
  • perform backup with TWRP: backup file will be saved on the sd card (if I remember well)
  • install /e/ Q-build
  • restore from saved backup file: in order to do that I’m supposed to use TWRP installed, so, if it will get uninstalled, I should reinstall.


… but

As far as I know TWRP is used to backup/restore the complete ROM. In my case I just want my data (contacts, accounts, pictures, files, installed apps and their data) to be backed up. Is is enough to select just “data” partition to do that?
Will the P data compatible with Q data?

If it’s possible to sideload Android 10 over Android Pie without wiping data, then maybe it’s possible to install Android 10 with a data backup from Android Pie.
But backup what is selected by default, this way the system will be backup up too in case you need Android Pie later because it might not work.

Are Moto G7 Plus’s setup to be recieving OTA updates yet?

I am thinking about trying to convert an XT1965-T to /e/ and wanted to understand if the phone will recieve updates once converted to /e/.

Can someone please give me an answer to the question I asked months ago?
I still have a phone with an old unofficial build and that could be insecure, so please help.

  • Can I install the current build (Qbeta)?
  • If yes, how?
  • How to back-up restore my data
  • Will I receve ota updates?