Moto G7 river beta build and OTA

Hi @Manoj,

I wanted to check if the Moto G7 beta build has OTA for future updates? Just wondering if I should use it as my main phone and migrate settings across or should I wait for a non beta build as I would have to wipe and reinstall?


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Hi Patrick,
The river is officially supported by /e/ and will get OTA updates. The beta tag was put as we did not get reports of users testing the builds. If a couple of users flash it and share their feedback then we will remove the beta tag.
This is the same for all devices with ‘Q’ builds but marked beta for now.
No you will not need to clean install the non beta version. The OTA build itself will upgrade these devices.


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Hi Manoj,

That is great. I flashed my device on Tuesday. The only 2 issues I have noticed so far is notes failing to sync to server despite being connected to my /e/ account and a strange muddled display background when coming out of sleep mode. It corrects the background once I press the power button.
I have logged the notes issue under Motorola devices on this forum but not sure if that is the best location?

Update: Notes is now working and connected to me /e/ account.


Are you using the default wallpaper. If yes Pl can you try and change it to see if this behavior is still there.

Ok, I will change it now and report back if it happens again with the new wallpaper.

So far so good with a different wallpaper but Notes is not working again.

Have you added you /e/ ID on the phone. I think notes requires an active Id to work.

Yes my ID is connected on the phone and shows in notes but I still get the error.

Hi @Manoj,

I have been doing some troubleshooting of the /e/ notes app.
It does not appear to connect to which is set by default in the settings.

I selected change account in settings and then selected other and used and logged in and granted access to my moto g7.

Notes is now connected and no error message.

I selected connect

@oreillypt - Thanks for starting this thread.

I have installed the current beta build (September 8) on my G7 and it is working fine with no problems but I don’t use notes (or anything with /e/ ID) so I can’t comment on those issues.

I look forward to OTA updates.


Hi Fred,

Good to hear all is going well and yes looking forward to OTA updates which I think are due to be re-enabled in the coming week all going well.


I installed the build about 10 days ago. Working without any issues! Initially the audio notifications were silent but changing the assigned tones resolved the issue. On install, once I got past the partition A/B problem it set right up. I did not install twrp or root the phone. Just booted to twrp and sideloaded E inside a linux terminal using adb/fastboot, no Moto tools. I like it, good job!

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Any update on when we might expect OTA updates for River? A few of us have used this thread to post our experiences. I am using mine as a daily driver and am very happy.


As you may be aware we had some issues with one of the builds As a part of resolving it we held back all builds. The builds are being tested and the version under test looks promising. We should be resuming our regular build and upgrades from next week.

I’m on a G7 river with



How can I move to the


listed on the /e/ site ?

Flashing It directly ?

How can I save and restore my settings and apps ?