MOTO G7 (River) Problem Installing TWRP

Sorry, more a case or wearing the wrong glasses! “Advanced” it is.


MANY thanks for aibd and egx470! With you clues I was able to crack this nut and got /e/ installed and am configuring away!

It is confusing the main thing I learned is use TWRP. I did that and then things made sense.

Having a supportive community is what led me to choose /e/ over some other alternatives.


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Happy for you @newts . Lots of good folks here to help. Ive only been here a few months but @aibd has taught me a TON as well as many others. FYI, if you put a “@” symbol before someone’s name it will tag them and help link through the community. :+1: Enjoy your new device!


Just got a XT1962-1 in the mail. Unlocked OEM and enabled USB debugging in settings. Ran adb reboot bootloader successfully, but fastboot does not see the device. Did I miss a step?

You did adb devices and got a “seen”? but then fastboot devices was a " no show"?

This thread will probably be worth checking