Moto X4 - payton - bootloader unlock failure

Hi, I’m new to Android and anything this technical, but am trying to install /e/ for privacy reasons. I’ve been following the instructions as shown here. I’ve run into multiple problems shortly through the process, but have been able to work them out. The problem I’m still having trouble with is unlocking the bootloader. Moto’s website tells me:

and I don’t know where to go from there. Is that the nail in the coffin, or is there some way around this? I tried sunshine but got a failure message for testing the root, or something. I don’t know of any other alternative bootloader unlockers. Thoughts?

Hi @thatonedoge , I can’t really help as I have no experience with Moto’s, but have to say it is not looking good for your device!

Looks like you are fairly thorough so I’m sure you flicked the Enable OEM unlocking switch in the developer settings and you’ve probably checked out XDA forums as well. There’s a few threads on there such as this one and this that might give some insight.

If you were able to edit your thread title to include the device name Moto X4 that might help to attract a bit more help.

Good luck.

I think that in this thread we went through nearly all the available hoops to unlock this Moto! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it. They’re stuck on the step for getting the keys- I have the keys, but they don’t work when I put them into Motorola’s website.

I have indeed checked those threads, no luck. Seems most people struggle with getting the keys in the first place, whereas I’m having difficulty making use of them. Anyone I’ve seen discussing the same issue has not found a solution other than getting a different phone.

This is disappointing, I had no idea there was some invisible, arbitrary factor that would mean I could or could not install /e/.

so you completed

  1. fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  2. reformatted your key from multiline to one single line of a continous string (either by hand or using their helper)
  3. and it says your device does not qualify?

if so, you could send a mail to motorola customer support with the oem unlock keys, maybe it will trickle down to someone with a heart for flashers.

Actually I’m surprised, I unlocked 5 Motos this year, they were 2016 msm8916 devices, X4 is 2017… sdm630, one generation ahead… if there is a payton page for lineage, there must be a way.

Please read here : Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking | XDA Forums

From my experience, you have to not enter the code directly, even if it looks right. Use the data scrub tool first to get it to a form Motorola accepts.

1, 2, and 3, that’s correct. I did as you suggested and contacted motorola, they said they really only have access to the same tools as I do and can’t help.

I had hope for this response, since I had copied the keys by hand, but alas, no change after pasting the keys using the data scrub tool.

That’s frustrating… maybe give it one more try with a fresh copy of the unmodified bootloader output, process it with the Data Scrub Tool, and from there into the input line on the Motorola site.

I had the same problem and could only get it to work this way.

… and did you notice this post?

…and checking one of the links given by @smu44 above, it might be worth eliminating this possibility

I hope the link points to post #10, but the whole article is informative!

… and, on that theme, if your phone has any branding on it suggesting it is “owned” by a carrier, that might require a workaround. :slight_smile: