Moto Z2 Play - Navigation buttons not showing up

Good evening,
I just installed eelo on my moto 2 play albus following the installation instructions. The installation proceeded fine (a calendar error occurred during the initial guided setup), however the main buttons are not showing up (Home, Back, Multitasking). Basically my phone is now unusable, since once an app is open it is impossible to exit and go back to the home menu.
I tried sideloading the OS a second time, following again the same instructions, yet nothing changed. Any support is welcome.

Ok, after some googling I suspect the problem was related to the infamous ‘one button navigation app’. I solved it from the side, downloading a simple Navigation Bar app that does its work.

However, now the problem is with my device audio output. To what I’ve seen up to now, only phone calls in speaker mode and system sounds (when tried from Settings, e.g. when trying available ringtones) work. I tried forcing audio output to speakers with an external application such as Lesser AudioSwitcher, but nothing seems to work :confused:

Hi @pasta, Did you get the audio out to work?
I just got the Z2 Play and I’m checking other user’s experience before installing /e/ on it. Did you experience any other issue (that you were able to fix or not)?
Thanks for your insight :slight_smile:

Hey @JeremyG, I saw this too late :slight_smile: yes I worked out the audio issue soon after my last post. Overall I’m enjoying /e/, although it often crashes when I’m listening to whapp audios and the phone reboots


Today I installed the /e/ rom on my Moto Z2 Play. I also don’t have any navigation buttons, so I installed a navigition bar app as well. However, this is not ideal so I will try to find a better solution.

After a couple of hours of fiddling around I also noticed that:

  • Location services do not work on Google Maps (installed through Aurora)
  • Signal messenger uses background polling instead of Google Cloud Messaging
  • Fingerprint reader does work, but doesn’t seem to be used for device locking