Motorola E2 (2nd gen)

This may be a naive question. Can someone tell me if the Moto E2 (second generation) can have /e/ installed? I only see Moto E - “condor” on the device list.

At present only Moto E condor is supported. Based on the number of user requests for this device on this page we will decide on the support.

Hi. I have an E2 Surnia and would like to give /e/ a try. Currently running CM13. Thanks.

Currently testing the unofficial Surnia build. Looks good! Please make it official! Thanks

Phone (Surnia) on /e/ seems to work fine without SIM card (wifi only), can install apps etc.

However I put in a pay as you go sim and the phone doesn’t connect to any mobile networks, hence can’t activate the card. Settings finds some networks but not the operator of the card. Will keep trying…