Motorola G7 Plus model REVVLRY custom by T-Mobil,

Have a chance at the above model. The owner claims that this is the T Mobile custom version of the G7 Plus. Is it and if so will it be supported as a G7 Plus??


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Is it the xt1965? Oval shape camera? If yes it’s good to go (i use one as my daily driver)

Thanks for the fast reply. I saw the phone on Ebay, gave the seller a list of model numbers and asked which model it was.
Here is the sellers answers: “Its a custom version of the G7 Plus by T-Mobil, the model number is REVVLRY+” " For now it is still supported with updates every month. As for the G7 Plus, they have the same hardware. Its only the exterior thats different"

I don’t have any experience with the US phone system and being burnt once by a T-Mobil phone that wouldn’t work I am a shy about wasting more money on a questionable deal.


I am about 3 weeks into using /e/ on two G7 Plus (REVVLRY+). I probably have more details than you care to hear LOL. Long story short…I am testing a Pixel 3a because of poor performance of the G7+ on every service provider I tried: Mint (wholesale T-Mobile), T-Mobile and AT&T. So far, the Pixel 3a is behaving like my S9+ did on Verizon (except for coverage, you can’t beat CDMA in rural areas).

I am in the DFW area in Texas. Technically, I have coverage, but it takes 5-7 seconds to connect a phone call. The signal will drop to 3g and then H+ when it connects (I have no idea what H+ is). Many calls take 2 attempts to connect. The first call goes to voicemail, and the 2nd attempt is a 2-3 second wait, sometimes there will be no ring.
For Mint: It is odd that I was unable to set MNC = 260, as instructed. It always went back 240. Does anyone know what MNC is? When I setup the Pixel 3a, Mint sent a different set of instructions, to setup two APN’s (one of them is for MMS). Calls are immediate, MMS is great, and it actually connects faster to my Verizon/Spectrum phone than to the other G7+ on T-Mobile.

FWIW, AT&T appeared to be just…OK, until Feb 22nd, when AT&T turned off 3g and I couldn’t make a call (I even tried a new SIM in the store). The guy said the network was just busy and should be OK tomorrow LOL. Also, if AT&T tries to convince you to upgrade to the 5g network, don’t. They told me it was a completely different network and I would get higher priority. I explained this was not a 5g phone, and they said it didn’t matter b/c it was a different network…uhhhhh…OK. I tried it, just to see, and it was no different. I tracked the towers I was connecting to through all of this, and they always went to one specific tower far away. I am guessing this is the wholesale tower because Spectrum (wholesale Verizon) always connected to the same tower! The difference between Mint and T-Mobile signal/coverage was insignificant with the G7+. I compared both networks as I drove out of coverage area (remember, I have two phones, each with a different network SIM) and Mint would drop about 1/4 mile sooner than T-Mobile. AT&T had similar coverage to T-Mobile.

IMO, 90% of my issues are the G7+ hardware. Maybe Mint/T-Mobile prioritizes the Pixel? I went with the REVVLRY+ because it was a T-Mobile phone, so I hoped that would remove hardware issues. For me, it did not. Hopefully, you will have a much better experience than I.

Apologies for all of the detail. I hope this helps.

Also! Power seems to affect call connections. When I would test by calling one phone from the other, the call would not connect if the power level was <27%. I tried this on three separate occasions to confirm.

Re REVVLRY, in being sure to have a suitable ROM available you really want the device codename. If you could get the vendor to confirm that it was "lake" then that is a match with Info about Motorola Moto G7 Plus - lake. The supported models listed on that page are

  • XT1965-2
  • XT1965-3
  • XT1965-6
  • XT1965-T
    Other models are not supported

For device codename: [HOWTO] Find device codename. Here is the xda forum search link for some extra reading ! Search results for query: revvlry | XDA Forums.

About the MNC, @larrytellef, there is quite an involved thread where some of the vagaries of mnc (and in USA) are explored here Problems Sending/Receiving MMS and Group Messages

Thanks everyone. I am passing on this deal for a number of reasons.I bought a PinePhone a while back; What a waste of money that was. I tried a Oneplus 6T T-mobil phone it couldn’t even find the SIM card. I think I’ll stick to my BB Key 2 for a bit longed. No Google account registered, Aurora Store and Fdroid Apps deliver more than I need.
Since I can’t even program a coffee maker, trouble shooting a “smartphone” :)) is way above my skill grade.

I ran Motorola’s Rescue and assist to see the model # on these T-Mobile phones. They are XT1965-T, which is a supported model. /e/ on the Pixel 3a is night and day difference compared to the G7 Plus. Maybe this is all about coverage and towers?

Now that I asked the question there are now a couple Moto Revvlry on Ebay all with the Model number.
What is the quality of the MoTo G7? I have been using Blackberrys for years. Kind of been spoilt. :slight_smile:

Update… after the rescue finished, the model number now says g7(plus). I locked the bootloader and i still receive a motorola screen about a different os, followed by the validty message. I am wondering if the /e/ build will work better now.

As I read it, /e/ instructions do not include locking the bootloader on this device.

Best not to diverge from this part of the instructions with /e/. A Search results for 'lock bootloader' - /e/ community will confirm this, but I think this post has the necessary links. Is it possible to re-lock bootloader of Moto G7 Plus?

Sorry, i did not lock the bootloader. It was locked at the end of the Motorola rescue. My point was that the rescue changed the name from REVVLRY+, and there is a Motorola error about mismatched os… so maybe Motorola did a deep firmware upgrade or something to remove the TMobile buts, and NOW the phone is a g7(plus)? I’m going to try /e/ again today, too see if the g7 performs better.