Motorola G7 Power, ocean

I just notice that recently @itsclarence supplied a few days ago a new build for Motorola G7 Play
Would it be possible to get the similar build for the G7 Power, Please.


Daniel D.

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If you mean codename Ocean, then yes. It 'll be somewhere this week.

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Here you go…
Make a backup first because this one is untested.
Please let me know how this build is behaving.

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Thank you very much,

I have successfully downloaded the file you supplied to me,
Now to install it on my G7 power I will follow the instructions for the G7 Plus I found here :
Am I right?
Or do I have to run a different procedure?

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I will be attempting this on a Moto G7 Power in the next few days just bumping thread to keep it open (if this forum works like that).

To be clear this is a XT1955-2 Canadian model with dual sim.

I would like to formally request main support for this device Moto G7 Power, Ocean, XT-1955 (-2)

itsclarens build is very good but need to take it to official.

Problems in unofficial build is drooping cell calls and Signal Private Messenger has echo like it’s on both cell and wifi.

Thanks in Advance.

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Is there going to be any more roms then this one and screan cast dose not work by the way and how to root using magisk

I haven’t been able to see the screen during calls, but otherwise, loving this system so far!

terrible data issues recently (same service on different phones, both /e/, having drastically different data reception).
it seems like every 6 months or so, metropcs has got some new data services problem for me to resolve…

Wouldn’t a locked bootloader (which is not possible with the current rom) help me avoid more network issues than just pdanet no longer working?

Have I missed any newer ROMs?