Motorola Moto E upgrade path

I’m considering installing /e/ on my Motorola Moto E but see the release isn’t stable and not recommended for daily use.

That concerns me. I would be interested in anyone’s experience with daily use.

But am I correct there is no upgrade path? Should I install /e/ I can’t upgrade to a newer version?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I guess you mean the 2020 Moto E ? Motorola Moto E (2020) request

I’m on a 2015 Moto E :slight_smile: … the 2020 Edition didn’t see a lineage official or /e/ release yet

I appreciate the reply, but forgive me as I’m quite new to this.

My Moto uses the XT2052 firmware. Are using /e/ on a similar Moto without incident? I’m not a fan of cell phones and basically use it as a phone and Wi-Fi Hotspot to connect to the internet.

Since my usage is basic I can probably live with using an older android version. But the thought of getting Google out of the equation as much as possible greatly appeals to me.

I’m pointing out that as of writing, there is not a flashable /e/ image for your device (“ginna”). You’d depend on a community build, but I don’t see one available. Building one is not hard for the initiated, but mostly it’s done by persons owning the device and interested in /e/. The xda forum for the device usually has some links for you… you could go the lineage route and wait for an /e/ build:

one could use the source links to kernel + vendor to build an /e/ image