Motorola Moto G7 - river

Retail Stock runs Pie, and Q is now available for some environments. There is an unofficial /e/ version created for the Moto G7 that I have installed on two different devices and we haven’t found a single issue. To turn this into official, simply update the vendor security and Android security patches regularly with the latest LineageOS. Great build.

The Moto G7 is one of the most highly sought after Unofficial builds!!!

Many ROMS available:

  • LineageOS, Pie (Android 9) and Q (Android 10)
  • HavocOS, Pie and Q
  • AOSPExtended, Pie and Q
  • ParanoidOS, Q
  • AOKP OS, Pie
  • Pixel Experience, Pie and Q
  • ViperOS, Pie
  • AIM, Q
  • Ancient, Q
  • Android OS Illusion Project, Q
  • Aarow OS, Q
  • BootleggersRom, Q
  • CandyROM,Q
  • CarbonRom, Q
  • ColtOS, Q
  • CorvisROM, Q
  • Colt, Q
  • Firehound, Q
  • Floko, Q
  • Project Sakura, Q
  • Superior OS, Q
  • And more…, Q

Yes, it is maintained. There are maintained versions for Retail US, UK, LA, EU, IN and more.
Current ROM is official.

TWRP works great and reads encrypted data directory. TWRP Backups work well. TWRP makes the install simple. (official Pie or Q) (Telegram-Fantastic resource with many ROMs)

This model XT1962-1 works on all US carriers, and it looks like many global carriers as well. It is almost impossible to hardbrick it if using the correct River files. G7 Pie is extremely easy to Root with AddonSU and Android 10 is almost as easy with Magisk. Returning to stock and relocking the bootloader is possible. I have installed many ROMS on the G7 and have lots of clients using it. If this was official, I could install /e/ on a lot more devices. :grinning:

Easy to buy on Amazon or Ebay, between $100 and $250 for used or new. I can sometimes buy new G7 models for $175 or less. Battery lasts me two days between charges.

The soft speakerphone volume I think is now fixed in the latest Lineage 17 nightly.

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I second the motion, It would be awesome if this was a Officially supported device. Anyone else using a G7 with eOS?

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All the unofficial builds will be updated more frequently, and for your device, an /e/ Q unofficial build will come quickly after the /e/ source code is released for Android 10 (like for every LOS supported device available on Q).


There is a new ROM download for the G7. It is in development and may possibly go official. Try the latest ROM out at Install instructions are available at [HOWTO] Install /e/ on Motorola Moto G7 (River) or /e/ install for River which may need a little tweaking


Hello pmoody,

Apologies for asking for clarification on something you may have already explained, but do you acquire phones and port them over to /e/ on behalf of willing customers, such as myself? I would be interested in hearing about the process further. Thank you!

@the_chief, I will message you about my services. Thank you.