Motorola Moto Z2 Force (nash)

Would like to see a support for my and my wife’s smartphone.
Currently running LineageOS.

Thanks. Will try it out this weekend.

Is there any chance to have a support for the device? Any plans?

I am interested in /e/ OS for nash also.


Just ordered a Z2 Force so I’m interested in this as well.

Yo tambien quisiera probar ésta nueva alternativa de sistema para mi Moto Z2 Force.

I will wish to talk about the motorola Z2 force and how to install the OS E. I have a model X1789-04 and motorola does not support the unlock of the bootloader. Would you have an unlock alternative experience? EDL mode? auto sign Motorola & Att a version of E? A generator of unlock code?
Thank you.

Hi Lynch4fr,

I bought ATT Moto Z2 Force few months ago and tried to boot a custom rom as well. I am not a technician and maybe there is some way but everyone I was asking said there is no way to unlock ATT or Verizon providers.
So I returned the phone back to the seller and get refunded as I got 14 days to do so as a customer (UK).
Then I bought T-Mobile version which is unlockable as well as Sprint one. So buy these ones.
Unfortunately after few times I booted some custom roms the SIM card stoped working (probably because of oficial Android Pie version I tried to boot messed something up). Now my daughter uses it to watch youtube and listen to music as WiFi still working.
Overall the phone is ok, it is fast, battery is good, the only downside is a speaker, camera and lack of AU jack.
Best Wishes.

So before anyone decided to buy MOTO Z2 FORCE smartphone please remember the AT&T and Verizon versions are locked by manufacture so you CANNOT install any custom rom including /e/ on those phones.
You CAN unlock SIM for other mobile providers but it is not possible to unlock the bootloader (Unless there are some crazy hacks or tweeks I am not aware of).
You can only unlock the bootloader and install roms with the T-Mobile or Sprint versions.
Best Wishes.

Unknown, do you have this device? Going to try it out later when I have my laptop handy with Moto firmware…just incase. Where should I/we report issues and such?

I would also be interested in support for this device (Moto Z2 Force)

Hi, very interested too for the support of moto z2 force.

I’m using the unofficial build posted by unknown, so far so good. JBL speaker Moto mod non functional, but gamepad and projector work fine. One button nav works (you have to turn off the home/back buttons to get the one button nav to activate)

I was on the latest twrp with stock but tried the lineage microg unofficial build minutes before and ended up with the lineage recovery. Didn’t go back to twrp, I wiped flashed and mounted system (after a few bootloops) and works fine. Flashed magisk, works fine.

I have most of the apps/games prior to flash reinstalled 90% work no problem. Few crash and a couple like steam link give error (solved through Aptoide)

So far this looks like it could be a daily driver. I’d like to see and official build as well

Sprint branded Moto z2 force.