[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola Moto Z2 Force (nash)

Device info https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/nash
Rom https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=300221

Please Note: This is an Untested build. Please try at your own risk.

Thanks guys, will try it out this evening :heart:

Looking forward to hearing how this goes! Waiting on mine to be delivered

Will be trying later. This is an Oreo build correct?

No, it is Pie build.

Been away a bit. Was trying to catch up and read that Pie wouldn’t work without the Pie firmware.

Found later that you just need the latest Oreo firmware to work? So now just searching to verify the correct firmware gets downloaded. Im on an older release.

This build has same requirements as official LineageOS build, because it is based on it.

Right, that’s the process I was following. Like I said, it’s been awhile since I’ve messed around. But have been…half-ass dev’ing for quite a while. Looking forward to this, and thank you for support!

Followed the Nash LOS wiki install procedure. Reflashed latest firmware. Booted. ADB debug unlock. Flashed the LOS recovery. Booted to it. Sideloaded latest \e-nash. Flash aborted, didn’t get log. But said something about not being the expected…version(?), and not allowing to downgrade.

Reflashed firmware. Booted. ADB debug unlock. Flashed twrp like usual. Rebooted to system fine. Rebooted to recovery again fine. Sideload failed on that too.

Reflashed firmware. Booted. ADB debug unlock. Flashed twrp like usual. Rebooted to system fine. Rebooted to recovery again fine. Flashed \e\ zip like usual. Booted to splash. Stuck in a loop there. Couldn’t get kmsg. But grabbed a logcat.

Tonight I will redo the one that boot looped, but will save a backup so I can try and grab the recovery log and last kmsg. I’d like to help try and help you get this booting. Not sure if you’d like me to keep posting feedback here, or other means of contact?


I can’t fix any errors anyway, beause they dedicated to LineageOS build, only one thing i can do compile a new build maybe previous errors will be fixed in it, because it will use updated LineageOS sources, but only if you really interested in it, because i will take some time for me.

I can definitely debug and test if you want? I’m just not always 100% sure when debugging bootloop issues. Once booted I can typically find/fix issues pretty well.

And/or digging through source and comparing to known good code.

I have compiled and ran z2 and Moto pure kernels back a few years ago, but that PC is gone and haven’t really done much since then outside adb, fastboot, and on device modding.

Like I said, I’d be willing to work on it with you if interested.

My next thought is getting the recovery and kernel logs. Is there a repo for this I can dig through as well?

I dont own this device so i personally dont really care about it, but iwant working build for community users.

Its official LineageOS repo on github, kernel, device tree, from it and vendor from Muppets repository.

These specifically?

Yes, I already started build, 7% now.

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Did it compile? What toolchain are you compiling with out of curiosity.

I using official docker, it was compiled few hours ago but its take a lot to download it from server to my pc, speed was 100kb/s, now uploading to androidfilehost

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Uploaded, there was no errors during build process so if not booting its LineageOS original build problem or problem is on yours side like wrong firmware/twrp ect.

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And if it will work for you, please take some screenshots and post it here to prove other users that build waorking, because previous build was downloaded 22 times and there is no any feedback.

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Seen that, I’ll definitely post back. Firmware should be good according to xda.