Motorola One deen - device request

is it possible to install /e/ on Motorola One using some other builds (like One Zoom or so)?
If not - is it possible to build /e/ for Motorola One?


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Device codename is “deen_sprout”.
Didn’t find any LOS tree source …

I would also be very interested in /e/ for Motorola One “deen” (XT1941-4) .
Unofficial builds for LOS are here:

But I dont know if that’s usefull.


I’ve installed that ROM on XT1941-4 and it works well. According to that topic all we need is the missing local_manifest.
I’ve found this one:

Can anybody check if we can build /e/ with this info?

I also would be very glad if Motorola One XT1941-4 “deen” could be included in the list of officially supported devices. Motorola stopped security updates last autumn. There obviously is no official custom rom around. Inofficial roms may be around, but I did not manage to get something decent installed.

But I installed /e/OS GSI latest version 0.19 (How to /e/ on a non supported device?) without problems. Here is what works / won’t work at first glance:

Booting/rebooting ok
Charging ok
Fingerprint sensor ok
Wifi ok
Mobile data (LTE) ok
Display/touchscreen ok (Bliss running smooth and stable)
Some standard apps like “Apps” ok

Phone: can make connection, but no sound
Bluetooth: can make connection, but no sound
Record voice: no
Play music: no
Camera: no, hangs on startup (Camera2 api seems not to be running)
Geolocation: no

other features (NFC,…) not yet tested.

I hope that it would not be too much effort to adjust for sound and camera issues. There are some repos on github with LOS sources for Motorola One “deen”, but probably no published img’s (see e.g. 100Daisy mentioned above). Don’t know if this would be helpful?

I managed to install Los 17.1 inofficial build (following [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Lineage 17.1 for Motorola One | Page 2 | XDA Forums). Camera and Sound seem to work fine as @Gajus reported before. So I guess the github repo of Electimon was indeed used to create a functional version of LOS 17.1.(see e.g. GitHub - electimon/device_motorola_deen)

Edit 2: Stock Rom available from Motorola.

There hasn’t been any activity on electimon’s tree, but could h t t p s :// be a more recent one?

@Gajus Yes, it seems that there was some activity last year, probably in order to move to Android 11 (the LOS 17.1 build is Android 10, it is working really nice, but is obviously several years old).
Do you know if there is a flashable img somewhere?

Will devices only be supported by, if there also is an avtice support by Lineage OS?

Update: If you install /e/ trebble ROM (How to /e/ on a non supported device?) after installing Lineage OS 17.1 unofficial ([ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Lineage 17.1 for Motorola One [DISCONTINUED] | Page 2 | XDA Forums), also sound and camera seem to work well (this time I tested also NFC, and Bluetooth sound, all good).
You can send SMS and make and receive phone calls. Only thing is, that during phone calls there is no sound , so you cannot hear or speak. Sound is ok though if talking via internet (Signal)

Maybe some kind of missconfiguration in the phone app that probably could be fixed, without building the entire ROM again, by some ROM guru?

BTW, @Manoj , would it be possible to build the /e/ GSI rom by myself? Is there a description somewhere on how to do it? Should not be harder than building a rom for any supported device…

Update: After some weeks of trial and error I finally managed to build e/os 0.22 for Motorola Deen, based on the device tree taken from the LOS 17.1 unofficial build. I did it just out of curiosity, and >90 % of the build process is still a black-box to me. Although the ROM seems fully functional (as the LOS ROM was - a hell of a job, guys!), I will not provide images, nor can I offer any support.
However, I would provide a short list of the steps and resources that took me there, if anyone is interested…

Ok, I made a short summary on how I did the build…


That is great news.
I have two questions:

  1. Is stereo supported?
  2. Can you post “boot.img” and “system.img” for me to try?
    Thank you.

@Gajus Yes, stereo works fine, also bluetooth does. As for the img files: I am still thinking of the easiest way to provide them somehow (they are quite large, you know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Edit: Please re-visit the how-to blog entry linked above. You will find the download link now in section “Installing on device”. You need to install all three images, including vendor.img, to get things working. Also mind the a/b-slot thing, I actually did not understand this. Booting while charging may fail with bootloop (but probably only after changing display :wink:), first boot takes time etc.

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Register for an account at It’s free, and designed for exactly this purpose :slight_smile:

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Finally I managed to make the files available using See here:
[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One xt1941-4 (deen) e/OS 0.22 q