[UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One xt1941-4 (deen) e/OS 0.22 q

Hello, I want to announce the building of my very first custom ROM ever! Probably a lucky shot… :slightly_smiling_face:

After using it for about two weeks I decided to publish it here. It seems reasonable stable and functional, though I did not test everything. All credits go to the creators of the unofficial LineageOS 17.1 (A10) port from July 2020, on which the e/OS port is based, namely electimon and 100Daisy on Github.

You can find the image files (system.img, boot.img, vendor.img) in one zip file on

There is another zip to download for e/OS 0.22 r (A11), but this built is not working too well, probably because of a quirky WebView integration. Maybe I did not use the correct branch for android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks - anyway gitlab does not allow for syncing files larger than 100 MB (e.g. Chrome Browser…). I did not dig into it any further. However, it seems possible to port to Android 11…

Use at your own risk! This is an experimental build done by a noob, who was just curious and who likes his old phones… And please note that I am not a ROM developer or maintainer! I am most likely not able to bugfix or change anything in the built. To have come so far took several weeks of trial and error, and I hardly can afford to go on like this. I therefore would be really glad, if someone else more confident would take it up from here. However, find some details on how I did the build here:

A more prosaic report on the endeavor could be found here:

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BTW: The Android 11 version seems to work quite well too, if you manually install Google’s Android System WebView from Apps…

Thanks you, it work good, finally playing in stereo again.
System works, but after a reboot the device does not start.
I have to press [volume down] + [power] to go to bootloader and then press “start”
Is there a recovery to flash?

You may have a look at this thread
to learn almost everything about installing the rom on xt1941-4.

Especially, you will find following link to a TWRP version suitable for this device:

Unfortunately, it seems this recovery cannot be installed permanently, so you will have to boot it via fastboot (fastboot boot twrp-deen-5.img) every time you want to use it.

Then you probably may want to try wiping everything, or even format data, before flashing the rom again.
In the end, I think, it should reboot the system without problems…

BTW: I think the Android 10 (q) rom is much better than the r version. If you have proplems with r, try q instead…

Hey guys,
does anyone have original/unofficial Lineage 17.1 for xt1941-4 (deen) and can share it?
I’ve lost all my roms with hdd crash :frowning:
Thanks in advance.

There used to be a download at [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] Lineage 17.1 for Motorola One [DISCONTINUED] | XDA Forums
But now it seems all links are broken…

I know, that’s why I’m asking good people here.
I’ve downloaded it just before links went dead - but my disk with all Deen stuff died (before backup ofc.).

It is still there at androidfilehost.com
Grab the flashfiles_eos_022_deen_a10.zip
I also have a lineage-17.1-20200711-UNOFFICIAL-deen.zip
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