Motorola One (deen)

There’s an unofficial port for deen. Perhaps making it offical is possible?

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Again we strongly sugest you to search before posting a request…

And, once again, if you don’t find any other 3ad, please post the request this format ?

Don’t forget to push device tree !

xdac had a devicetree going but ran into errors at Proper port of /e/OS to Motorola Deen (dtbo and signing failure) - using what @Edmund offered at [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Motorola One xt1941-4 (deen) e/OS 0.22 q and at his blog

Anyway remember that custom ROM’s reference site/community is always XDA:

xda is a hub sure, but you’re linking to the same user if you’re not aware - EdElling. xdac even commented in that xda thread… I think he did everything right :slight_smile: