Move Whatsapp Chat History With All Media to /e/OS

Hello Everyone,

With whatsapp’s latests versions now it is possible to move chat with all media between android devices without google drive here is how: I was using and android 13 phone with regular google staff installed a stock android. Then I transferred my whole whatsapp chat to my installed /eos whatsapp undershelter via whatsapp’s transfer with QR. See the screenshot here please. For me whatsapp chat history is important even though I freeze app and don’t give permission, unfortunately I need to use but now with this feature it can be moved.

It can be tricky maybe you’ll have to login old device and new device a few time but it is working.
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How do you have two Whatsapp apps open simultaneously? Is it because one of the two is under shelter?

You don’t need to open two whatsapp when you start process it makes you login on the new one and old one starts using only for fransfer.

sorry, I don’t understand

I meant under shelter or not under shelter it doesn’t matter, just both devices should be at least android 12. lets say old devices is device A which you will transfter data from and new device is B. When you open transfer chat as I showed in screenshots it will redirect you. In case of failure register again in device A and start the process again I managed in my second try.

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