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Hello, world!

After using e/OS for some time on my FairPhone 4 I want to move back to a regular Android system on my newly purchased phone. I noticed another thread on here but that only describes how to do it with the same phone. The thread link is: Reverse migration in case I am not happy with e/OS?.

The reason I’ve decided to leave e/OS mostly has to do with hardware. My FP4 had a crack in the screen and once I replaced the screen it took about 2 weeks before I had another crack in the screen. I usually buy rugged phones so this checks out, I guess. I have tried to build e/OS for my old phone but never really got it working so eventually I gave up and bought a phone which had it pre-installed.

I might in the future maybe give compiling e/OS for my current phone another shot, or maybe GrapheneOS or something like that, but for now I would rather use my new rugged phone than use the FP4 which would break much more easily.

I have almost transferred everything back but now I want to know how I can transfer my WhatsApp messages from my FP to my new phone, the transfer from my old phone to my FP4 resulted in my whatsapp history being deleted so I’d rather avoid that.

Any suggestions will be most welcome!

Please read my message again. The link to the thread I posted also contains the article you linked. Again, this only demonstrates how to remove e/OS on the same phone, not moving data from a FP to another model of another brand

Internet says (I don’t use WhatsApp) …

It would perhaps be more helpful if the topic title would reflect what the actual question/ issue is :wink: .

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