Reverse migration in case I am not happy with e/OS?

Would it be possible to reverse the migration to e/OS in case it turns out I am not happy with it?
In other words can I go back to the original factory settings of the mobile or once changed to e/OS there is no return?

In case you want to switch back to the original ROM you can flash the stock ROM back on your device. There should be instructions on the device vendors site and in some cases tools which should allow you to flash the stock ROM back.
Pl remember to take backups of any data you may have on your phone as this process would wipe all existing data from your device.


Thanks a lot Manoj I will contact the manufacturer, fairphone in this case.

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Be aware that the guide @piero linked to above is good, but old, and the stock ROM file offered there is unofficial and very outdated. The guide came a few weeks before Fairphone had the official support article ready.

Official guide for the Fairphone 3/3+ …

Official guide for the Fairphone 2 …


Thanks a lot for the info and warning saves me a lot of stress