Moving documents to shelter

My “shelter” surrounding changed since Last /e/OS updates.
I now have /e/OS 1.3-20220905216076

It is now impossible to move documents or mp4’s to Shelter from my main profile. That’s quite inconvenient.

What to do about it?

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Check whether the File Shuttle toggle in the Settings (in Shelter) has somehow been flipped.


I’ve got the same issue from a long time (at least 0.20-q-GSI ). Perhaps due to a ‘no-account’ setting in main profile, wich result in a greyed ‘File shuttle’ button in Shelter’s setting menu.

In sheltered apps the ‘Share’ button allows to drop files in main profile’s app (Mail, Files, Message). ‘Add a file’ can pickup in main profile, too.

Not very easy but can be usefull.

The file shuttle togle in Shelter settings is on but grey. I cannot flip it.
In the main Settings the accounts menu shows an /e/ account in personal settings. in Work are two accounts one from the Telegram app and one from Whatsapp. If I try to settup my /e/ account there (in work) it replies: Login failed!
please check your username and password,
The same account works in main! ?

It’s in grey. cannot be changed