MS Teams - There was a problem with the network. Try signing in again - third time same problem

Hi all

I have the same problem as in:

or in

But there are no trackers blocked for the MS Teams application.
I have the problem since the update on /e/OS 1.8.1-20230205…

Any suggestions to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance …

OK, I could figure out it because another message in this forum.

I found a very good hidden tracker …
Advanced Privacy → mange tracker → Authenticator App → mobile engagement
I had to deactivate this point and from this moment on, Teams is working again …


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That works great - the hidden tracker was the Key.

Question: Multiple times each day I have to reset the tracker through Advanced Privacy settings. Teams stops syncing (everyone status is black, and has connection error until I reset the tracker). Does anyone else have this issue?

My Phone as of 05 July 2023
/e/ OS version 1.12.3-s-20230617300623-dev-sunfish

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Yes, I do have similar behavior too.
I didn’t come to a pattern yet. It definitely breaks with each OS upgrade and seems to break after Teams update… If I uninstall app and install again without touching privacy, it shows that tracker is allowed (does it cache settings for uninstalled apps?), but login fails “due to network issue”. Resetting tracker slider doesn’t help, but resetting top slider of that privacy screens seems to make it work… surprisingly…

Also, In my case it seems to be working ok during day, if i don’t get incoming calls… but I’m unsure if calls break it consistently.