Multiroom audio



The description is correct. Thanks @niko , @vincen and @cedricoola for highlighting the issue.


Going back to what the original question was about: my answer is no. But if /e/ is going to include support for a casting service by default I would prefer Miracast. After all, Chromecast is still Google, which is what we’re trying to get away from…


Qualcomm Allplay works on /e/. I succesfully controlled the D-Stream streamer-amp with /e/ (with the D-Stream Air app installed). It works with the Allplay multiroom standard.


Miracast would be nice too but it’s only video, and not audio only as Chromecast ! Side note too: it exists from what I know some open-source implementation of Google Cast so perhaps it could be a way :wink:
Second problem: most of streaming apps works only with Google Cast (no Miracast or any open streaming systems unhappy :frowning:


It seems like the problem with Chromecast Audio will not be one for many in the future. Google decided to stop selling them. I’m only using that with Spotify. I think i’ll just use a Raspi with Spotify connect.

But the problem with CC Video just got more severe. I can’t even cast from the Youtube app any more.


@niko you are right. I also had this issue with chromecast video starting a few days back. Have raised an issue in Gitlab


@niko When we mention Chromecast here, we mean the Google technology for playing music in the home, not the dongle by the same name or the Chromecast Audio dongle that they stopped selling. Maybe you mean that you will no longer be able to turn your stereo system into a connected device (my situation), so it means that for you it is no longer an available solution, but for people with ‘Chromecast Built-in’ speakers (that’s how Google calls it) it still is.


For multiroom audio, I use Squeezer on /e/ to control a Xubuntu LMS instance and a number of piCorePlayer instances. This allows synchronized audio in different rooms and works well. Casting from /e/ to a Roku 2 at a friends house works right out of the box.


support of chromecast especially chromecast audio is on of the post important features, imho. It works out of the box on many speakers, which you can find in many places. So the chromecast button in apps like spotify, soundcloud, tune in, radiodroid, dlf mediathek, mixcloud, etc. is obligatory! Without that button they become almost useless.

For LMS you need an extra instance always running, so it is only feasible at home (and at least spotify support terminated). You can’t use it e.g. at a no-tech-friends place. I once had a LMS with raspberries setup, mutliroom often needed manual reconfiguration of the delay between rooms (and sometimes some other issues, but its a while ago I used it).

Chromecast is the most user-friendly and the most widespread (multi room) system, so supporting it should be made possible by all means.


If you are using Google home, you don’t need a rom like e. Google home is spying on you!


Here I’m switching away of Google Cast (audio version is in all matters no more avalaible since a while here in Europe) to PMP (Plex Media Player) on PI 0 W. As I use already Plex for all my medias, it’ll be perfect and at least won’t spy on me :wink:

Good luck with cast system :smiley:


I’m totally open for switching away from chromecast. Does PMP support Spotify Connect? Spotify Connect would basically cover 99% of my audio needs.