Murena 2 most appropriate of-the-shelf tempered-glass screen and protection case

What would be the most appropriate tempered glass screen protection that would fit the Murena 2 phone? What about a protection case?

I see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 has the same screen size (6.43” / 20:9 ratio).
That seems promising for the screen.

Is there a phone out there with the same dimensions as the camera inlet and phone form factor out there ?

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Hi Springcomp,

Contated the Murena guys as I supported the Kickstarter campaign and they told me a custom cover is to follow (question: when ?).
I checked my M2 and it turns out, the Xiaomi 12 lite G5 has - from the measures a quite close fit.
So I found this case + glass bundle: - and for the price, I went for it.
(the US site displays it as not available, but the German does)

The glass: a perfect fit, no issues.
The case: start with the worst fit - the camera leses. The dome in which they are mounted does not fit, hence the case stands out, here. Maybe a hot air gun could help - but this, I won’t try, the current fit is - hm - I can live with it. Lens #2 is partially covered, maybe I’ll cut the cover, here.
The side buttons will need some dremeling, then, I think it should work well and the side switches need some drilling or a punch to be operable. Small hole on the top side of the frame, the same.
Loudspeaker openings: one side perfect, the other side punch work. The USB-C-port - perfect fit.

All in all, I think that’s a solution that should be able to protect my investment until the custom case is available.

… or you go for what I would call the bikini version:

Hope this helps …

Kind regards


I like your mac-gyver-esque approach to tackle the problem :smirk:.
Thanks for reporting back!

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Murena 2 display 6.43" is similar to Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 display 6.43"
Not to be confused with Redmi Note 11 for China and Redmi Note 11 4G

M2 help-Desk suggested this site as an option for ordering custom screen protector

Well… I don’t know - maybe a badly done Xiaomi glass in my case, but check this:

this corner is … emmm so, so:

but at the same the other corner is unacceptable:

It seems the glass has a different radius in the corner than the Murena’s LCD. The glass sticks out a bit, too. Very disappointing.

Hi pswiatki,

I agree with you - this is definitvely different with my glass pane.
It is still some 1-2mm too big, but in nicely fits into the case. What I saw with mine M2 and do not find in your pics is the mismatch for these 1-2mm, actually being caused to a big extent by the radius of the screen galss down to the case (i.e. not the corner radius).

What’s your experience with this ? (tried to post sopme pics, but since I’m a new user, I can ‘only embed one media in a post’ :roll_eyes:)

Kind regards

@WoB - I am a new user, too. I did a simple trick: opened the picture in my trusty GIMP and Shift-Ctrl-C[opied] bitmap to paste it in directly into the message editor here. It worked.

I have no experience with the glass - I ordered a case, too, and when I verified the case (Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G) was a complete no-go (too many things completely out of place), I just wanted to see if the glass would be of any use. Sadly, when I slid it out of its protective cover I realized it had a crack in the corner, so I just tried to place it on the M2 to see how it would fit. It was a bad fit in my estimation. I am afraid it could easily crack if the pressure was applied in the corner where the glass sticks out of the screen’s edge. Perhaps even more so, if the phone was in a protective case.

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For anybody else landing here and without personal experience:

Dear case-interested,

Just to share the information and to bring two threads together … Murena announced on Kickstarter that the cutom case manufacturer is late in production.
New ETA for the case is said to be ‘end of March the soonest’.
And: they released some .stl-files for the ones who want to 3D print their own case. You can find the details here:

Hope this helps …

Kind regards

… thx for letting me know :slight_smile:

Well… there are issues with those models. Either, I don’t know how to export from Blender, or the published STL does not match the original model done in Blender.

It really is best for Murena 2 to supply the screen protector with the phone, rather then everyone trying to find something that fits.

I tried eBay, not easy as sellers can send the wrong screen protector even though ordering for Redmi Note 10.

So went to a local shop and they fitted a screen protector that is slightly bigger than 6.54". It is 6.6". But it fits.

On the purchased screen protector specifications, it states that it will fit the following phones:
OP A32; A33 2020; A53; A53S; A54: A55: A11S; RealMe 6 pro; 7 pro; …
RM Note 11 5G; Note 11 T 5G; XM POCO F2 Pro; POCO M4 Pro 5G; SAM A21; A21S; NORD CE2 Lite 5G; 1+Nord N100; INF Hot9; Hot9 pro; Note E7 Lite; ITEL Vision2; TecnoCamon15; Camon 17…

So maybe the above list can help you find something usable as they are similar sizes to Murena 2 give or take a few millimeters.

You can also check various screen sizes and general phone specifications on this site:

Ebay presented lowest price in my search as low as £2 per screen protector. Local shop charged £10, online custom builds seem to be around £20 + added charges.

If having difficulty finding a good fit, maybe trying a local shop is a good option.