Murena cloud : sync some things (recorder audio notes) and not others (music)

Hello, why aren’t the recordings I make with the “recorder” app synchronized by default? Is this normal? This app is part of the basic /e/os ecosystem. I’ve tried to solve the problem by activating the automatic synchronization function for app data, but it seems to have had the effect of completely filling up my 1 Gb of murena cloud, notably with my music albums, which I didn’t want to synchronize, and with all my deleted audio notes, which I didn’t want to synchronize either, and I didn’t even know still existed on my phone (it’s a fairphone 3+, just in case). Isn’t there a way of choosing exactly what you want to synchronize, by specific folders? Thanks

You may want to look at this thread, from when I asked a very similar question last year: Can I control what backs up/syncs to Murena account

Via the default Account Manager / eDrive, no. To do that install Nextcloud app for finer control or some other tool, like Syncthing, FolderSync, et al.

I haven’t tested in a long time but in the past even the Documents directory was synced as part of the ‘Pictures and videos’ part. Not good if you wanted to just sync the former and not the latter.

Use any third party tool and you should be good.

Install and connect Nextcloud app to your /e/cloud drive to unveil its true potential - eOSWiki / HOWTOs

Don’t forget the last post by @petefoth for some updated info.

Thanks !
@ywo4d : yes it seems to be the exact same problem (sorry i missed it before posting) Has this suggestion for more subtle settings been made to the developers ?
@marcdw : indeed, i think i’ll try the nextcloud client app !

Forgot to mention though it may be in the Wiki post.
With Nextcloud app installed it registers itself with the Storage Access Framework. That means your eCloud/Murena files are accessible via the default file manager and any other app that uses the SAF (for opening, saving, backing up, syncing).

But also there is this…
[HOWTO] Use the Account Manager - #14

Haven’t actually tried it with the Murena cloud but it can probably do in a pinch if not using the Nextcloud app.

EDIT: More info…
4. WebDAV Mounts — DAVx⁵ documentation

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