Murena Fairphone 4 Experience

Hi there!

I just wanted to share with you all my experience with /e/ on my Murena FP4 that I bought from 2 months ago. It is running Version 0.23 now.

All in all, I would say it’s very usable so far. I have not yet used Google Apps or connected any Bluetooth device to it. Apart from that, I make use of almost everything on the phone.

I am very impressed with my ecloud services.I have not had any issues with cloud-sync that have been raised by one community member here. The battery life is tremendous, although I cannot give you any objective numbers. I don’t play games or use any dating apps on the phone and it lasts for three days.

There are still three (possible) bugs:

  1. I can’t change the sound volume while calling someone.
  2. Some calls just get blocked. I just get an SMS afterwards telling me I have missed a call (That can be a problem with my carrier as well - hence possible bug).
  3. The phone crashed once while it was in idle. I hope that it’s /e/ which caused it.

I hope someone can help me with 3) and that I could contribute something to the community.

Have a nice day!

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I’m also using a Murena FP4 (for 3 month now). It came with 0.21 and is on 0.23 now, too. On 0.21 NFC didn’t work, but from 0.22 on it does fine.

I’ve don’t have your issues 2 and 3 (1 not tested so far, to be honest). So it might be a SIM or Provider related problem. Mine ist “CongStar”, a german reseller in the T-mobile network.

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