Murena Fairphone 5 coming?

As far as I know there will be a new Fairphone 5 next month.
Are there any plans about a Murena Fairphone 5 with preinstalled /e/OS?

As long as you know you will probably have to wait at least a week for a substantial answer, since even if in the know, very probably nobody is allowed to officially get ahead of Fairphone’s official launch statements :wink: .

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Lets first wait for the phone to be launched. One step at a time.


The Fairphone 5 has been launched by Fairphone, and there’s already a dedicated page in Murena shop (marked as “out of stock”), where you can apply for a waitlist:

Does this mean that some significant steps have already been implemented?
Is it a kind of “promise” that FP5 will be supported by /e/ OS by mid-october?

Yes, the FP5 has been officially announced some good 4 hours ago :slight_smile:

But actually I prefer to buy a FP5 in a local store here in Zurich, and to install e/OS/ by myself, it’s no big deal. And I would of course make a donation to the for it.

So when will the e/OS/ for the FP5 bee available to download?

Thanks for a hint :slight_smile:


Hi, I have just a doubt: if I buy the Fairphone 5 and later I’ll install e/OS by myself I have to ulock the bootloader, and this will prevent my banking app from working.
Instead if I buy with e/OS pre-installed there is no need to unlock, correct?


So far, Fairphone bootloaders can be relocked by the user when installing /e/OS.
(Exception: Fairphone 2 has an unlockable bootloader by default, no matter the OS.)

Regarding the Fairphone 5 we would have to wait for official confirmation (pinging @Manoj) or for the official manual install instructions.

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We will share the FP5 install guides ASAP.


Good news, as I want to buy my FP5 (or perhaps FP4) here in a local fair store to support them. So I will install the e/OS/ by myself, as I did for FP2, FP4 and for some friends on FP3.

If you want to buy a FP5 (on Android), and install /e/OS by yourself, keep in mind that there might be an impact on its guarantee.

As far as I know, changing the OS does not void your guarantee. But, if you have an issue, Fairphone will ask you to install Android back before helping you, which can be very annoying. It was at least the case when I did that with my FP3.


Thanks a lot for each explaination!
So, I will wait impatiently for more news and instructions.
Of course I’d prefer to buy the phone with e/OS pre-installed, in order to minimize any issue in case of hardware fault and to be sure I can use my banks apps without any lock.
I’ll stay tuned!

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There should be no difference about bank apps between a pre-installed /e/ OS phone and an Android phone on which you manually install /e/ OS

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This is correct: I use a FP4 with manually installed e/OS/ and all the bank apps are running properly.

For those checking on the availability of the FP5 on our store

  1. Murena Fairphone 5 is already available on pre-order in most European countries at


  1. Murena will start shipping Murena Fairphone 5 from end of September. More details will be shared on murena.comStarting from end of September you will be able to install /e/OS on the Fairphone 5 via documentation at We expect the Easy Installer for this device to be available before year end


Thanks @Manoj

However, for people living in France, I don’t see how we’ll be able to benefit from the free case mentioned in your link.
This link mentions that the phone needs to be purchased before September 13 (there’s even a specific line for Murena for that), see And that’s impossible: we can only be in the waitlist for now. Does that mean we will be able to pre-order before September 13? Or will Fairphone/Murena accept later orders?

You are right the customers in France will have to be in waiting list at present. The free case is not available in France for now. To be more specific it is Pre-order in most European countries, UK.
Waiting list in France and not available in the US …you can check the details in this post on the Murena site

You mean, you have to delete all your things, make a complete reset with that stupid gougled Android? Let’s hope, I do never need it.

It may be difficult to reinstall the original OS, whe i.e. you display is broken and you don’t see anything. Or, even worse: when you motherboard is broken. I had that once with FP2 in 2017, they had to replace the motherboard because it would not recognize the SIM card anymore. But I don’t remember if I already had installed e/OS/ or not.

Last question concerning
They say to lock the Bootloader after Installation. Can you unlock it later on to reset to the stock OS? Something I am not sure about. Thanks for a hint.