Murena Fairphone 5 coming?

I did not experience using the Fairphone warranty after having manually installed /e/ OS. What I say just relies on the last paragraph of this page:

About the bootloader, yes you can unlock/relock it several times.

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Thank you, this is what I need to know.

Be careful.
Always before locking the bootloader, check the result from “fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability"
If the result is 0 don’t lock the boatloader as you will brick your phone.


Short presentation article, in french:

Have my Fairphone 5 (black Edition) since, 15. September at Home. Just played around with it and I like this concept and smartphone. Yes the camera is not the best, but it’s for me more than ok.

Now I’m waiting for /e/OS to configure / install all my apps and start using the Fairphone 5 productive :slight_smile:

To use the “default” Fairphone OS is regarding all google services a bit scary ^^

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Hi everyone!

I got my FP5 today and well, it is an amazing piece of hardware.
Got the FP2 and FP3 and now 'm very hyped for using e/os with the FP5.
Any news if this is possible to install via easy installer?
I will make a review of the installation process, so yeah, I’m hyped!

Best regards,

Yeah, same here. I was considering buying directly from Murena, but the warranty terms don’t allow installing other OS, and as I’ll likely want to use other OS as well as soon as they become available, I refrained from buying there and bought at Fairphone instead, considering to donate the price difference when I’m installing /e/-OS without having the phone bought here.

However, there’s no visible progress on the Fairphone 5 port, apparently all the work is kept secret so far. As a developer, I’d prefer an open process, as I would also like to support the development and test pre-release software.


You could join the testing Telegram channel and get access to the test build as soon as it is ready for testing


Wait what? They are using telegram for this?

Where I can find the Telegram group link ?

You can find the details on how to be a tester and what we expect from a tester here


I would love to take part, but I’m not using telegram since 2018. Very unfortunate :confused: I have a feeling this would be better suited as a (potentially protected) Thread here in discourse, just like Fairphone handles it for example?

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Signal would be a good choice

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Yeah, they’re probably not going to change that procedure now, but maybe for the future. I don’t see why there should be any third party platform required, as I don’t see anything a thread in this forum couldn’t supply. Of course, Signal objectively better than Telegram, but then the Telegram people would be unhappy having to move to Signal. So maybe a thread in this forum would be common grounds. But until then, maybe someone can post on the forum if there’s some testing for the Fairphone 5 available :slight_smile:

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100% I also would love in partisepating with my fairphone 5. I don’t want to setup it now, because then I have to do it again with e/os

I wonder if it is not possible to have the testgroups here on the forum. Like Fairphone forum has closed groups for testing.


Exactly, that’s what I meant. I hope they’re considering this for the future. Maybe we should open a request thread for that?

The testing group will remain on telegram for now.The reason behind it is very simple. It is easier for the team to follow up and get updates in real time on the telegram channel. We also get all the information in one place and do not have to monitor multiple channels and sites for the same information. This is especially important as we can pass on the information to the developers and build team members who can come out quick fixes to some of the issues faced during testing.