Murena Fairphone 5 coming?

Code is undergoing some bug fixing. Will share details once it gets out of testing and is ready for release.


I bought my FP5 from my trusted reseller and am eagerly awaiting EasyInstaller. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too, easy installer is the way to got.

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Consider donating to Murena when using their software without buying from them :slight_smile:


Hello all. On the day of release of the FP5 my FP3 suddenly and permanently went to phone heaven. I decided to immediately buy a FP5 but did not realize e/OS has to be released for new hardware. I have the phone for a couple of weeks now and the end of September has come and gone. I really do not want to use it w google android so eagerly anticipating the release of e/OS. Today I got my yearly bill from Murena so I decided I’d inquire once more if there is a realistic estimation of the time to release.


There are some bugs still open against the FP5 code, on which the developers are working on and has top priority. I have been given a v1.16 timeline by the team for the release of the FP5 code. We expect this release to happen in the second half of this month. :crossed_fingers:


…what does that mean for the shipment of the preordered Murena Fairphone 5 - which is scheduled for 10/16?


No answer is also an answer? Unfortunately, the fact that Murena is collecting a lot of money these days (Murena 2 / Murena FP5) without delivering the appropriate goods scares me!

The last time I went in advance full of hope, I lost 1200€! #Jolla

I think I’ll try to delete my pre-order!?!

After about 10 hours?
How many shifts of Murena employees are you expecting to tend to the forum here?


None! But as a customer who has confidently given over 800€ and is waiting for delivery, I would wish to be informed directly - and not have to dig in a forum to learn that the last communicated delivery date will not be tenable.

The delivery of the FP5 starts from 16 Oct as promised with issues resolved. 16th is in the second half of the month.
If any user wants a refund they can approach the and share the details. The team will be happy to work out the refund with you.


I just want to briefly report that the cancellation of my Murena FP5 preorder went completely smoothly. I got a very friendly mail and had the money back on my credit card after hours.
I was probably too anxious, Murena did not deserve that!


Just wanted to update that the first batch of FP5’s would be sent out on 16 Oct as previously announced. Got an update from the team busy flashing and packing the devices.


Living in France, I could not order it yet: I’m on the waitlist.
When will we be allowed to order the FP5 in France?
Will our orders be at the end of the list (in terms of shipping date)?

NB: I’m curious why France has been handled differently: we haven’t been able to benefit from the free protective case, and will (I suppose) receive our devices later. Are we punished of something? :grinning:

Checking on this, will get back with the response.

Sales in France will start from Monday 16 Oct. Customers in the waiting list will start receiving email notifications regarding this.


If sales FP5+/e/OS start on Oct 16, is it safe to assume that on Oct 16 /e/OS will be available for download? I have a FP5 bought directly from Fairphone but I’d like to switch the OS to /e/OS.


When will /e/OS be available for download for the FP5?

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I’m also curious on availability of /e/OS download for FP5? Thanks!


I would like to know: Have the first Murena Fairphone 5 with pre-installed /e/OS been received by buyers in the meantime?

Can someone tell me which /e/OS version is preinstalled there? Does it already have Android 13 (“T”)?

I would also like to buy one - but I don’t want long waiting times or a smartphone that is too buggy…