Murena Fairphone 5 coming?

And so the circle closes ;-): Yesterday I received my brandnew Murena Fairphone 5! :slight_smile: - a really stunning device with a fresh eOS 1.16T on it! After ordering it last week it took only 3 days to deliver. Great job, Murena!

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I’ll hope you enjoy it. It’s a great combination to use.

On my Pixel5 with v1.15 double-tapping to activate screen indeed works fine and also has a setting to de-/activate this. As you mention, my FP5 does not have this setting. Very strange. Why shouldn’t this feature not be available on the FP5? I heard that this feature is available in the standard Android version on a FP5.

Searching the settings for the word “tap” shows results for “tap to check phone” under System → Gestures, and under Display → Lock screen. But going to those locations in Settings, there isn’t actually any “tap to check phone” option. So I think it must be intentionally hidden, at least for now.

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