Murena Fairphone 5 is now available for pre-order at

Murena Fairphone 5, the brand-new deGoogled and sustainable phone is available with /e/OS :partying_face:, the operating system protecting your data.

Pre-order now at and get a free protective case!

See the details at:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Good news. What about the 50 Mpixel camera? I’m on FP4 but the 48 MP isn’t available yet: do you have some news to share?
By the way: I love /e/ and don’t want to change.

The difference in the camera performance on the FP5 and the default camera has been noted by the development team. The team is working on finding a resolution to the issue and there is an issue around this in Gitlab specifically for the FP5. Issue is marked confidential by the tester and as such will not be vieweable to all. Will update once I have some postive results to share.

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Great news for fairphone 5!!
I entered the period in my life of choosing my phone based on support of /e os, literally. Very good news for fairphone 5. It would be good plus to see support for volla because volla is alternative durable phone maybe some people need these pyshical features.

Excited for these news!
Will the Murena Fairphone 5 come with /e/OS S or T?

“OS version /e/OS Android 13”

Which is T.

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Hi @Manoj,

Some users had already received them Fairphone 5. Do you will share a documentation to install /e/OS on it ?

The FP5 with /e/OS has as yet not been shipped to any user. We will share details when the devices start shipping out.

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No not this one. The Fairphone 5 with Android stock.

We will share the installation guides when we release the FP5 with /e/OS


Thanks for you reply :slight_smile: