Murena fairphone 5 restarts without warning

Hi, I am new here, so I hope I’m doing this right! I got my Murena fairphone 5 in December, and generally, I’m happy with it (especially compared to the fact that I otherwise would have a dumb phone).

However, several times now, the phone just restarted while I was using it, for example in the middle of writing a social media post or similar. It didn’t seem to crash, it just restarted. The restart didn’t take long, but of course it’s disruptive to get your activity cut off without warning. I have checked that everything is updated (both eOs and apps, which seems to be the case) and otherwise, the phone seems to be working fine.

So I was just wondering if others have experienced the same problem, and whether there is something I can do about it?

thanks a lot!

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Yes, you’re unfortunately not alone:

As a workaround you may try to disable 5G.

And btw.: if you got your Murena FP5 from Murena itself you can always contact Murena support, too.


Ok, thanks for the quick answer! It hasn’t happened often, so it’s not a big problem so far, just annoying. But if it get’s worse, I can look into disabling 5G, thanks!

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