Murena One not able to send SMS after the last update


My MurenaOne is not able to send SMS anymore after the last update (at the start of September). I’m with Orange Belgium. Can anyone help ?

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compare APN settings : on the phone / on your carrier website.

Ok I will.

But why would an update change APN settings ?

because it may be a “buggy_update”…
is it the case ?
are there differences between APN settings ?

No difference : the APN settings are exactly the same as on the Orange website

Am I the only one with this problem ?

Nope, same with bouygues tel
MMS still works

An update will be release in few days according the support

I’m having the same problem, can receive sms’s fine (and everything else) but can’t send them (since somewhere september).
On a Terracube 2e currently with 1.16 version and also with Orange Belgium.
I checked the APN settings and they are correct ( for Orange, i could also select Telenet APN:, but that didn’t work either).
I also tried other sms apps (QKSMS and simplemobiletools), same problem.

According to other forum posts they know of the problem, but the last reply has been a while.

Hello, We have identified the regression and the team is looking at how to resolve it as soon as possible. It shouldn’t be long. Indeed, this is not a problem with access points (APNs) but with a software layer that manages the communication and connectivity part. Thank you for your patience. Alexis

Hello, This problem has been identified on 3 models: Murena One, Murena T2e and Murena GS290. We’ve figured out how to fix it on the Murena T2e, a fix will be added in the next update. We are still in the testing/validation phase for the Murena One and Murena GS290.

Anyone any idea when that fix is coming? The last update has been about a month ago…

Same problem here.
I skipped the .15 update and went straight to the 16.
hate the new graphics on the swipe-down menu btw…
no more sending sms, but receiving works.
And I use my gs290 as dual sim, both have the same issues

Since the update my phone started prompting in banking apps that it is rooted/unsafe etc… Possibly correlated?

I just updated to 1.17 and the problem indeed seems to be fixed for the Teracube 2e!

Just updated the gs290 to v17 and the problem is still active. So no outgoing sms.

It has to be something with the root/builder options since I’ve been getting pop-ups for that from bank apps ever since updating from v14 to v16 (skipped v15)

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Thanks for posting this topic and information. I just started having the same issue with SMS a day go.

Any way what I have seen in this post is very similar to what I have a experienced.

I am on Fairphone 4 and the issue started while on v1.16 and the update to v1.17 also did not change it. That is when I started suspecting the APN settings may be the issue.

I will go into my phone carriers store to see if there is anything they can do.

Thanks again!

V1.20 fixed this issue for me.
Finally. I am a persistent /e/ user. :smile: