Murena One Phone Screen goes dark

Everything is well with my phone. But while engaged in a telephone call the screen goes dark and I cannot use the numeric keypad nor end the phone call. The screen timeout is set for 30 minutes and I searched the Settings for an alternative. Any clue why the screen goes dark and stop it?

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The screen should go dark in a call when put to your ear, and light up again when removed. This is trggered by the proximity sensor.

Or is your screen going dark straight away?

Thanks chrisrg. I was not aware of the sensor but when the conversation ends and bringing the phone down to end the call the screen is staying dark. This has occurred multiple times.

Not sure what to do. Could be problem with sensor. Maybe try clearing cache of dialler app or try another dialler like simple dialler just to help diagnose.

There is an app to test sensors somewhere. Can’t find it yet. Ah, its in aurora store: Sensor Test.

Workaround is to use speaker in calls.

Thanks chrisrg. The issue has not occurred the last three phone conversations. Not sure what to think. Perhaps it’s operator error. More conscious on particulars when handling the phone while in conversation.

If it happens again don’t hang up but check and wipe the screen around the earpiece to clean it and see if it comes back on when you take your hand away. If it doesn’t make a difference it would point to it being hardware intermittent problem which you may want to take up with Murena under warranty if you have it.

I was thinking the same prior to replying an hour ago. Perhaps it was some capacitance on my hand. Thanks again.

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Had a call after my last reply. Call lasted five minutes and had to free up my hands to retrieve some paperwork and tried to put the person on speaker when the same happened, a dark screen and with some slight tapping on the screen and pushing the speaker button as a last resort the screen remained dark. Will pursue it further.