Murena One: Share your feedback

As you may be aware we have opened up the sales of the Murena One.
We already have a significant order list to clear :slight_smile:
If you are one of those who were able to get the device, we would like to get your feedback on this thread.

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I’m interested to see peoples experience. When I’m ready to get a new phone, I’m really considering getting one of these.

We just received the ordered Murena One and found something heavy sliding and clattering (maybe the battery) inside the phone while moving and turning it - doesn’t sound and feel good… I don’t think these shocks are good for the electronic system inside the phone - should we send it back? Thanks for your help!

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Yes pl send it back. Send a mail to with the details as well.

Dear Manoj, thank you very much for your immediate help, have a nice sunday!


Hi everyone,

I just received the murena One, 2 days ago.
And I am going through several issues :

  • I cannot send or receive MMS by message app (I can use signal App, but not all of my contacts use it). I checked the APNs, all is good. I started a topic about it on the French Community.
  • before buying the Murena, I was worried by the disappearance of the jack out. Someone of helpdesk told me to buy the USBc-Jack accessory. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I hear my voice into the cask and not the other speaker one (I’ll cheked on a PC it doesn’t work neither). But i can hear music, so is this a problem from the micro ou the Phone App ?
  • I couldn’t manage to restore my sms from message App. I made a backup from the former machine, and put it in the Murena 1, but it is not knowed by the message App. This point is not so important, just a pity.
    The 2 others issues are a real pb I want to be solved. This first experience hide a bit all the goods qualities may a have of the phone, I am sorry about it.

I already sent a message to the helpdesk, hoping that you will find solutions and so I would be able to see the beauty of the Murena one and enjoy it :wink:.

You could try MyPhoneExplorer … here’s a HowTo for SMS in German, online translators like might help if needed …

Thanks for helping Another Elk. I already did this, the problem is the backup from the former phone (E/OS system also), is not found by the Murena. I checked if I put it in the right folder, it is ok, I saw it, but not seen by the App’s function restore.

It doesn’t really sound like it, though. Using MyPhoneExplorer like this doesn’t concern you with folders on the phone or the messages App on the phone. That’s why I suggested to try it this way.

I tried, but it doesn’t help. I think, maybe, I did not well use MyPhoneExplorer, I couldn’t open the messages in it. By the way I’ld prefer more simple solution : in fact the message App proposes to save and restore SMS, so why it doesn’t work when we need it. That is the point. I already spent 4 ou 5 hours trying, and I don’t want to do more.

There have been a number of reports that the default SMS app will not organise its own backup. I never tried but always use SMS Backup & Restore from available from App Lounge or your favourite store.

Install it on both devices. Assuming you have as SD card which would be transferable between both, I would take a quick bacKup up from the new device first, to explore the available back up locations on the SD card. I just use the root of the card (a dedicated folder did not work for me). You will be warned that SMS Backup & Restore must be the “default SMS app” in order to work. Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps.

Now switch SD card to the old device (you can see that the app can see the backup) take the backup from the old device, transfer the SD card back to the new device and restore.

Return to Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps to re-enable your regular SMS app.

Just received my Murena one today. I am failing to get it connected on the AT&T network here in the USA. Have a valid AT&T SIM card in the phone, they have sent an activation code to phone, it shows that it is on the AT&T network but it says “emergency calls only”. I’ve given them the IMEI for the phone ( I physically went to an AT&T store and they scanned the IMEI barcode )
Since it is a “3rd party phone” AT&T reps are unable to help me figure out why I can’t make calls.
Any ideas on how I can get it working with AT&T in the US ?

Hi @tsleahy welcome to the /e/ forum.

As a purchased phone your first port of call is

Just to rule out simple things, you could try
Settings > Network and Internet > Mobile network > Preferred network type

Test if there is a better setting than the current one.


From the same Mobile network page > Advanced > Access point names.
Scroll down and find the selected APN in use. Click on it.
Find online the APN for your plan/contract with AT&T.
Check if the settings in use are an exact match with the published settings.
If you need to edit the settings, ensure you have a good wifi connection, as your edit will probably only be saved if confirmed as “able to activate”.

Perhaps be aware of Advanced Privacy (I would expect the phone delivered with AP switched off.) I suggest keep AP off while making fundamental adjustments.


I have just got the Murena One and having trouble with using the finger log in.
I could use it to log in on my phone (even if it dos not work every time)
But to log in to Bitwarden or other apps i have, i dont even get the opportunity to log in with the finger.
This is really Annoying (i have send in a request to support) for the daily use of my phone.

I have the same configuration on my Gigagset GS290 (from e-foundation) and there it works with no problem.

Anybody having the same issue, and what is the solution?

Thanks for the reply. Have contacted HelpDesk, they suggest I go back to the AT&T store and ask them to try harder. I am not confident but I will try. I predict they will just shrug and say “it’s not an AT&T phone, we can’t guarantee it will work on our network”. The suggestion from Helpdesk, which I will ask the store to try is to ask the “store agent change the device type in the line settings to a Google Pixel 6”. Helpdesk reports another user has tried that and had success. Will try it and see.

With regard to Preferred Network type, it’s set to LTE. Other options are 3G or 2G, however, AT&T have shut down their 3G network already so don’t think I can change anything here.

With regard to APN, I do see a couple differences comparing side by side with my current phone : Murena has MNC = 280, my phone ( and published AT&T settings ) have it set to 410 .
Authentication type = Not Set on Murena, my phone has “None”
However, I can’t edit any of the values on the Murena, and while I can use the “+” button and create a new access point, when I hit ‘Save’, it in fact does not Save. No error message, just doesn’t save.
I do have excellent WiFi connectivity and I do have Advanced Privacy off ( it was on because the phone prompted me to turn it on pretty soon after I turned it on for the first time ).

Apart from this major issue of not being able to use the phone as a phone, I have one other dislike about it : I can’t find a way to turn off the vibration / haptic on the keyboard.
I’ve gone into Settings > Sound > Advanced > Other sounds and vibrations and turned everything off, in particular Touch Vibration is off. Which says it is for Haptic feedback for tap, keyboard and more.
Turning this off did turn it off for mostly everything except the keyboard. Any app that brings up the keyboard ( eg editing the APN, typing a URL into the browser etc ), has the vibration effect for every key that is pressed on the keyboard. This drives me nuts and I want it to not do that but can’t find a way to turn it off

The wrong MNC would be a blocker.

Others have said that they also cannot save an edit or new APN. If it is correct that an APN with errors (thus cannot be verified as fully correct) cannot save, it might be a good idea to double (treble) check that there is not another discrepancy which needs adjusting, especially in the longer strings.

Edit, following @huuhaa’s and your later posts this is also consistent with reported A&AT’s jail like system, as verification of APN changes is bound to fail.

It may be in
->settings ->system ->language ->keyboard ->android keyboard

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Could these tips on Rob Braxman help? But better ask /e/ helpdesk to check will that IMEI changer work on Murena One (are those actual same phones)…

If wondering why change IMEI check video,if I remember right talk about IMEI change started about from ~17 mins.

But I don’t have Murena One & am not from US so better watch and discuss about right solution for you with /e/ helpdesk.

Dear Manoj,

helpdesk hasn’t answered yet. Could you please let me know, what we have to do to send the phone back properly and to which address? There was no return coupon and no return address in the parcel.

Thank you a lot!

I went back to the store, and suggested they enter it as a Google Pixel 6. They asked me “do you have an IMEI for a Google Pixel 6?” Of course I don’t. So they said well then we can’t do that.

I’ve tried one more time with Customer Service over the phone and still failed. They tell me that on their side my new phone shows up as “Unknown Device” and their network won’t let it register.

At this point I’m disappointed and ready to give up. I was excited to try this phone and didn’t mind jumping through a couple of hoops but it’s taking too long and proving too difficult so I think I’m going to ask can I return it for a refund