Murena Task app: How to add another synchronized task list?

I’m using to Tasks App on my FP3 with /e/OS and have one synchronized list with my Murena account. I can access the list “Personal” on the PC through the Murena Cloud in the browser and I’m happy with it.
I would like to add another synchronized list (not local), but I can figure out how to do it? If possible at all?

In your browser, go to the Tasks app in your account:

The pane on the left shows your existing task lists, and there is an 'Add List` link below the lists

Thanks, I see it. I already added a list there, but it does not show up on my phone in the Tasks App. Can you give me a hint?

You need to persuade the phone to refresh its list of calendars for the Murena account. I’m not sure exactly how to do it in /e/'s Account Manager - I use DAVx5 for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes sync.

Try going into Settings, Accounts, choose your Murena account, and see what options are available. There’ll be a screen with the list of calendars. Refresh that list, and your new task list shoud appear. Enable sync for the list, then do a sync.

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Thank you for insisting!! I now found the menu entry - it was not easy (it is also quite unintuitive that it is even required to make special steps to archive this). I was not aware that the calendar and the tasks are somehow the same (I was not looking for calendar at all until your hint) Here are the 8 necessary steps:

Accounts accout
My Account
(chose the account from a list with a single item in the Account Manager)
tip on the three dots and select “Kalender neu erkennen” (recgonize new calendar?)

Someone else had the same or very simular issue:


This is a very important tip. Thank you!!! :grinning: I wasted so much time without finding the solution. I wish I read your tip earlier! I think your instruction should be listed with BIG LETTERS somewhere in the front page of eOS documentation. Thanks again!

Worked for me too. Thanks!