Music not found in the Music player

Dear community,
I just uploaded my music on my /e/OS system.
While browsing with the file app, I can view my mp3 and play them.
However, the eleven music player hust show the error message “Music not found”.
Do I need to scan my drive, or something similar so that it detects my audio files?
Thks for your help

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I went through this too. Resolved by reluctantly using another app. See thread Music app no longer finds files on external SD card

The default music APP finds musics if you copy them to the phone. That should be fixed obviously but as temporary solution

Not much good if you have 100GB of music and a phone with 16GB internal storage (most of which is already used.)

Thank you for your answer. However, I copied my music onto the phone through USB file transfer (I do not have sd card). After several reboot I still do not have easy access to my music library which I found strange. Still “No music found” on the Eleven app. I can search my music through the Eleven interface through the “Search Music” button and keywording a song or artist name. But, “Albums”, “Songs”, “Playlists”, “Artists” always display “No music found”. :thinking:

In the meantime you can use VLC to listen to your music.

You can also report your issue in the gitlab to submit it to the dev.

Well curl my whiskers and paint them green! I uninstalled a bunch of rarely used apps and the music app is working again. I have no idea if any particular app was responsible.

Hallo all,
I’m quite new to android and /e/ … and I’ve got the same issue.

I did put some music files onto the SD card: here I created a folder named “Music”.
I also did put some songs into the Music folder of the internal memory of the phone.
I tried the standard music player and 6 or 7 different music players I found in “Apps”: they all tell me: no music!

Is this the right folder to put songs? Do I need to maintain a certain folder structure or naming scheme?
When first starting a music player they ask for permisson to search for media - which I accepted. Do I need to adjust another setting to give access?

Even when browsing with the files app it shows “no elements” for audio data… though when I open the music folder and “click” onto a song it does play the song withhin this app.

Please help!

I have this problem too…did it get sorted?

Same issue here…didnt find solutions

Hi there,
I got the same problem, the Eleven App does not find my Music on my internal Storage.


I don’t know why but sometimes apps need a reboot before being able to browse storages…

There is a media scan in Developer Tools, also triggered at boot.

Same problem here using /e/OS/ 0.11.
Music finds the files, shows them by artist, album, whatever, but can’t play them (they’re all .ogg).
I tried about everything (following clues in message #18164), to no avail.
I ended up installing Musicolet as suggested in #18164, and disabling the Music app. I told it where my Music folder was (on the SD), and I’ve been happy since then. Musicolet works great, has no add, only requires storage access, has plenty of embedded help and has all the features and config capabilities I need.

My experience with music files on external SD card:

  1. I have a Fairphone 3 with /e/OS preinstalled (now at version “/e/OS 0.11-2020083170821”)
  2. I inserted a 16 GB sdcard, I used in my old smartphone
  3. formatted the sdcard within android (Settings > Storage > SD card > “three dots in upper right corner” > Storage Settings > Format)
  4. created a new folder “Music” in the root directory of the sdcard
  5. moved a tar file with my mp3 collection via ssh to my FP3 (see: Termux, sshd connection problems via WLAN)
  6. extracted the tar file (in Termux)
  7. moved mp3 files with the “Files” app from Termux storage to “Music” folder on sdcard
  8. started “Music” app

Actual behavior: The “Music” app says: no music found

Expected behavior: I see my songs and can play them

My workaround: After rebooting the smartphone, the “Music” app was able to find my mp3 files.

I have a different problem with the Music player (GS290, Android10).
I have put music on the phone by syncing with MediaMonkey. This makes a simple folder structure, like \artist1\album1\track1.

In Music player, most of the music is correctly shown. But quite a lot are completely mixed up, with wrong albums under artists and wrong tracks in albums and wrong album art with tracks.

Looking for these cases with File-viewer show the tracks correct in their subfolders. All tracks are correctly tagged.

At first did not find this, but on my Android10 machine it is under Settings >> Apps and notifications >> … >> Show system >> Media Storage >> Storage and cache – Clear storage.
Did that: It looks like Music player does a re-scan, but the result is the same.

Any suggestion? Thanks!

For me the problem was .nomedia files present inside the same folders as the songs. Removing all of them solved the issue (it might be necessary to trigger a media rescan, maybe moving the files to another folder and back, or rebooting the device, I’m not sure).

Since I had a lot of folders and a lot of .nomedia files, I used a shell command through Termux (also available at E Apps) to remove them all. The commands are below if someone is interested (although in my case the songs were in internal storage, looks like Termux can read but not write to external storage, guess that’d be fine if you’re rooted, but the exact below commands would not work for you):

# updates packages in Termux environment
apt update && apt upgrade -y

# create "storage" directory inside Termux home directory 
# (this contains your android internal storage files and folders like Music, Downloads, etc)

# change to Music directory
cd ~/storage/music

# find and remove .nomedia files recursively in the current directory
find . -type f -name '.nomedia' -exec rm {} +
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