Music not found in the Music player

Dear community,
I just uploaded my music on my /e/OS system.
While browsing with the file app, I can view my mp3 and play them.
However, the eleven music player hust show the error message “Music not found”.
Do I need to scan my drive, or something similar so that it detects my audio files?
Thks for your help

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I went through this too. Resolved by reluctantly using another app. See thread Music app no longer finds files on external SD card

The default music APP finds musics if you copy them to the phone. That should be fixed obviously but as temporary solution

Not much good if you have 100GB of music and a phone with 16GB internal storage (most of which is already used.)

Thank you for your answer. However, I copied my music onto the phone through USB file transfer (I do not have sd card). After several reboot I still do not have easy access to my music library which I found strange. Still “No music found” on the Eleven app. I can search my music through the Eleven interface through the “Search Music” button and keywording a song or artist name. But, “Albums”, “Songs”, “Playlists”, “Artists” always display “No music found”. :thinking:

In the meantime you can use VLC to listen to your music.

You can also report your issue in the gitlab to submit it to the dev.

Well curl my whiskers and paint them green! I uninstalled a bunch of rarely used apps and the music app is working again. I have no idea if any particular app was responsible.