Music streaming : are they all tracking us?

Hello everyone,

I used quite often Deezer to discover new artists and stay up to date about what’s going on musically.
Though, it’s kinda… shitty.

Why the hell would I pay a service to be tracken so badly ?

Here is a resume of what Exodus says about music streaming apps :

And, not quite the same but anyway :

Here are my questions :

Which app did you choose yourself ?

Apple Music only has 2 trackers, Google CrashLytics and Google Firebase Analytics, those are bad ?

Given this data, which service would you recommend ?

Thanks for all your help !

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I only use bandcamp for listen recent release music. The best thing to do is to buy directly music (CD, digital on artist website).
I hope /e/ will integrate a music stream server open source.

From what I read the 2 trackers from Apple music are bad yes …
There are use on almost every apps …

“Perform analytics on app users and utilizes social media advertising. Get insight your users, what they’re doing, and inject social content to delight them”
It’s not only use for crash analytics, it can get a lot of data from your phone.
Firebase is use to monitor app usage and generate stats.

I’m not an expert, I only read what Yalp and official website posted.
Please if someone use thoses analytics app, I would like to know more :slight_smile:

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The only solution I have for now is the use of Blokada.
The path to an open source world is definitely still long :wink:


I’m using a VPN and using Pandora music. Or playing my own on SD card saved mp3 files


Personally I use NewPipe as a music player. It is more of a Youtube client, but it has a queue, a background player, download…


@harvey186 I like the sd card… Me too. My method totally!

Me too but the current fashion among manufacturers is to make devices without a sd card slot (and headphone jacks and non-removable batteries and other things to make the blood boil :angry:)


But you have an internal SD :wink:

Yes, I have a 16GB internal sd and circa 100GB of FLAC files. It’s fine with my current phone but whenever it needs replacing it might be impossible to just stick the sd card in the new phone and I might not be able to afford one with sufficient internal storage. Music from compressed files is not an option.


  • 0 trackers
  • decentralized (part of the fediverse)
  • free software
  • free music

for me it’s a meaningful option.
I think the music can be compressed. I don’t know if there is (I don’t think) a smartphone-headphone system that has a high fidelity audio quality (like a home system) so a FLAC “sounds” better than an excellent MP3 (>160, 192 kbit/s) or Ogg vorbis (i think the best FOSS) or AAC (and maybe using the Joint Stereo to save more space). It’s a compromise between quality and portability.

and above all, it’s a viable option if space isn’t infinite. In reality everything is an option/compromise, it is always a matter of optimizing.

How about some kind of front end for their web-players? I mean, all the most popular streaming services could play music right in the web browser.

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Link is broken :frowning:
Thanks for the link, this seems interesting !
A mobile app will be very please for offline music.

Yes, one of my situations!!!
If you can’t afford much storage, check out 128 gb Pocophone!!!

How is Blocada compare to AdAway?

Blokada doesn’t need root access. AdAway does, so I’ve never tested it.

Yes, I did little research. Blokada dues not need root. In my case I prefer more AdAway because I don’t need per app setting and I don’t like another application to run in the background and waste resources.

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Blokada uses VPN settings which is why it does not require root. The downside is that you can’t use it and connect to a real VPN simultaneously. For this reason (and because I’m more comfortable having a rooted phone anyway) I use Adaway. Both work well however, so you pay or money (or not :wink:) and you take your choice.

@Vaughan which is free and which isn’t? Thanks!

They’re both GPL 3.0 and available in F-Droid.