My Chevrolet app errors

I am begging to enable support for my Chevrolet app!!! I can’t mirgate from iPhone completely without being able to use my car app!! This is very importsnt!!!

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That is not up to Murena. As per your other thread you will have to find out from the developer what the requirements are. Which I’m thinking is full Google services.

EDIT: I noticed from your other thread that the issue is with login, right? The app otherwise works?
I installed it on crDroid A11 with microG. I didn’t block any trackers and only granted it two permissions (files and media, phone). The app wotks as guest. Without an account I cannot test any login issues.

Then installed it on /e/OS where I have all traffic routed through Tor. Same, app runs fine as guest.

For login issues you will have to capture some kind of log to find out why it fails. If rooted there are a number of ways, otherwise maybe this…

[HOWTO] Get a log from your phone

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Its not logging in from the eos app

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