My unsupported devices todo list and non-successful devices overview list

For /e/OS I was at least able to build for Android 11.

The really good /e/OS-Q could still be actively used for some time, see:

Vendor Name: Xiaomi Redmi
Device name: Note 6 Pro
Device CodeName: twolip ( tulip )

By chance I found in the (Telegram) official channel of Redmi Note 6 Pro further development based on LineageOS 20 + LOS 21

Telegram Redmi Note 6 Pro

LOS 20.0 Sources

Fancy building a ROM /e/OS-T, @ronnz98?

Sorry not fully clear, you upgraded to /e/OS-T 1.20 or /e/OS-R 1.20?
Do you want a T version to try if you meant R?

Pardon, typo on my part. I have updated to the official /e/OS-R (Red Velvet Cake).

My question refers to a possible /e/OS-T (Tiramisu)

Hi @ronnz98
I see you are now also building ROMs based on /e/OS 7 Nougart (LOS 14.1) and 9-Pie (LOS 16.0). Can you please try to build a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6) SM-G901F?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus ready for testing:

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@ronnz98 You are simply the best!

My first installation on SM-G903F was successful.

The system can be set up, but - there are some inconsistencies that I will try to reprod and verify and share my experiences shortly.

Apropos inconsistencies

I was able to reproduce the glitches mentioned above and eventually work around them, so your /e/ROM now works fine.

@ronnz98, if you open your own thread something like

UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (kccat6) for /e/OS-Pie

I will share my experiences.

Unihertz Atom L

Hi @ronnz98, fancy a new device manufacturer? I could test your ROM …

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I would need the vendor files first…

vendor files searched for a long time, but found nothing useful :unamused:

[UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.7.0_11-0 for Unihertz Atom L, can you please help?

Did you notice the contents of et al including scripts and links to Unihertz ROMs.

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Well, as always, I can only recommend you to search for needed resources (= aka device tree, kernel sources, vendor blobs) at GitHub.

Here’s my quick method to probe it:<device_brand>+<device_codename>+device&type=repositories&s=updated<device_brand>+<device_codename>+kernel&type=repositories&s=updated<device_brand>+<device_codename>+vendor&type=repositories&s=updated

Then, of course, you have to seek for ones that fit builder needs…

Hope that helps.

Hi @ronnz98,
one more time, Thank you for all your /e/OS builds !

can you please give a try to upgrade our OS for the legendary Samsung Galaxy s4 international LTE ?
optimized LineageOS 20.0 seems to be available…

I still not giving up building for the Samsung A21s, but get this error:

clang-r353983c/bin/llvm-ar: error: unknown option P.

For R I could build, for S and Q not… please try if it works…

I will be abble to test tomorow at the end of the day.
Even if official DEV build is already e-2.0-r.

But my question was about the JDCTeam called
“opt-cm-20.0” branch…