My wish list for /e/

I am coming from Windows and there it’s better to uninstall an unused App. Because a security issue in an unused app can cause trouble and harm your Computer! (e.g. Adobe Flash or the Java Runtime)
I just guess it is the same here. And for that reason I always update my Apps. But I’m not interested in updating Apps I don’t need. Less is more in this case…

Disabling the Apps would be better than nothing. But even this is not possible in /e/OS… Is there a reason?

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is it just for Fairphones that?

Waiting for payment apps, official identification apps and health apps to work without G00gl (Belgium: Payconic, ItsMe, Coronalert). Without these apps I have no use for a smartphone. Soon needed to travel is a vaccination passport. Has to work without G00gl too. Belgian version doesn’t.
/e/ cannot change this, it all depends on governments to make it mandatory to have these apps available for all mobile operating systems without G00gl.
Coming soon:

Maybe an opportunity to convince the EU that this eID, wallet, payment and health apps have to be available on all mobile OS’s and not only the duopolists Apple&G00gl?


In Dutch:

English translation:


(wish 1)
Launcher chooser at first boot:
Coming from iOS? → Bliss Launcher will be standard
Coming from Android → LeOS-Launcher** will be standard
(can always be changed in settings again)

** (de-googled Lawnchair, thanks to harvey^^)

(wish 2)
proper ecloud sync and better settings, maybe even just provide the whole nextcloud app from stock.

These two alone would be my wishes for /e/OS.

Trebuchet as an alternative default launcher which is minimal as well as Tablet optimized.

GrapheneOS Camera app which seems to give a great stock experience and maybe worth look at as a base for an /e/OS Camera app.

Trebuchet as Alternate /e/OS default launcher

GrapheneOS Camera Option - Possible foundation for a native /e/OS Camera

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What is wrong with Trebuchet / Launcher3 which is already present - although deliberately disabled by /e/ - in the /e/OS ROM?


Just Disabled?? Wow! Is that new? nothing wrong with it, if the trackers got removed and if it is possible to enable it again (how?). But the feature I wished is the choice at first boot, and not a specific alternative (don’t mind using degoogled trebuchet).

Yes just disabled, but in a way that is not possible to re-enable it. It has been that way for at least 9 months. See this post for more information

If it - or any other launcher app - were enabled in the build, then the user would be offered a choice at the end of first time processing (i.e. the first time the Home screen is displayed), between all the available launcher / home screen apps. I believe tat is why /e/ disabled Trebuchet: they want to promote their own Launcher rather than let users choose


Indeed. Why not merely create a repository for F-Droid if curation is desirable?

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My wish is to be able to send emails from with a custom domain alias for professional use: having e-mail, calendar and address book in the same service is fundamental.

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For sure, Android auto open source !!!


My functionality wishes for /e/ comprise:

  1. Murena/ /e/OS email domains to act as decentralized single sign-on providers, in the way the ID4Me Protocol and the surrounding industry initiative envisions SSO (no SSO provider lock-in → possibility for data portability, etc.)

  2. A functionality to transfer all Apps installed and data stored on the old /e/OS phone to a new /e/OS phone (e.g. Fairphone 3 to FP4) via Murena cloud - it should work as easy as in the case of Apple/iOS

  3. Mobile payment with Murena /e/OS phones: the vision would be to be able to pay with the smartphone - via a digital girocard or debitcard - but without a big gatekeeper like Apple or Google being involved.

Thanks for this opportunity to bring in ideas, @Manoj !

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This is the link to the ID4Me SSO initiative:

Sometimes Manufacturer offer the Possiblity to save Battery-Lifetime by limiting the Charging Capacity. In Mind of Sustainability it would be nice /e/OS could offer this too. And if so, configureable at best.

Untested, need root: BatteryChargeLimiter/ at v1.0.0-bcl · MuntashirAkon/BatteryChargeLimiter · GitHub

Annoying is that there’s no sound notification for “charging completed” (and what this means should be configurable). The main damage happens when the accu is full but still being charged and charged and charged for hours because people just forget it. The accu of my old Blackberry Z30 survived seven years of daily use and is probably still good because I watched carefully for this.

BatteryBot Pro allows to configure percentages which play a sound when reached (for charge and also for discharge). You can set this for charging to 90 or 95%, and when you then charge longer for whatever reason it’s in your own responsibility.

I am pretty sure modern android versions do this automatically, no?

Nowadays electronics should handle that.

"Charging past 100 per cent will damage your battery
True (but not for the reason you think)

A ‘trickle charge’ mechanism cuts off the charger after the phone has reached 100 per cent charge, and only tops up the battery when it drops down a little.

The problem is that you’re keeping the charge level at 100 per cent which, as we know from the previous myth, puts the battery under a certain amount of strain. ‘It’s not good,’ Griffith says, ‘but the battery manufacturer has set [the battery’s limits] it so it shouldn’t be harmful.’"

Haven’t found this until now in /e/. I’m not even sure where these 15% are configured until the low battery notification comes.