Trebuchet as Alternate /e/OS default launcher

Currently Bliss is the default launcher on /e/OS. What is interesting is that, if you look in the default home settings, Trebuchet is listed as an alternative. However, currently, it is not enabled to be used as a stand alone option. It seems Bliss is integrated with it somehow which is why it’s listed, but can not be a default launcher in it’s own right. I would propose that this changed as to enable Trebuchet to be used as an alternative preinstalled option. After all, the bits are already there with /e/OS to begin with.

Though I like Bliss for what it is and it’s goals; to make a welcoming, user friendly experience that many can get familiar with easily. However, not everyone is a fan of the Apple iOS workflow. What is interesting is that Trebuchet also meets those very same goals, but the approach is a minimalist Android workflow. So in essence, the /e/OS goals are still being met.

Trebuchet is a great launcher; minimal android… neat and clean, like Bliss. Yet it allows a user’s home-screen to be minimal and as customizable as possible. With the ability to hide the rest of the apps in the app drawer. Not to mention the ability to place and resize widgets anywhere, let alone use them.

In addition Trebuchet is already optimized for Tablets while, currently, Bliss is not. End users have already requested Bliss have screen rotation as well as to be optimized for tablets. Trebuchet already has these functions. If you were to see Trebuchet on Lineage-OS 19, you will not only see screen rotation but the ability to multitask and split screen as well. Currently, Bliss launcher makes for a very poor tablet experience. And since Bliss on tablets may not be a high priority, enabling the option to use Trebuchet will address that need instantly. And since /e/OS is built using LineageOS, this should not be too much of a leap to make. /e/ stands to gain a lot from the end users by doing this.

Having this as a built in option not only increases flexibility of /e/OS. I can only see end users enjoying their /e/ experience even more as this would be a turnkey option which will allow many to customize and personalize their experience even more. Many users would enjoy this flexibility and it would not be an afterthought.

To have both as options; Bliss being enabled as the default and Trebuchet the alternative default.
Or better yet, allow users to select 1 from their initial setup of /e/OS.

Can anyone think of a reason why this should not be an option? What are your thoughts?

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I like Bliss too, and really use it.
I think e-1.0-r will come with “the awaiting” rewrited Bliss.

The recent and discrete implementaton of the trebuchet package make me feel like the new bliss could be trebuchet dependant,
I like an option to have both fully installed and Bliss enable by default

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This is deliberate on /e/'s part. See this post for more details

There is a gitlab issue about this, but no action from /e/. You could try adding a comment to the gitlab issue, but my personal belief is that /e/ wish to promote Bliss, and will therefore not give users a choice - e.g. in first tie setup - to easily use a different browser.

When I make unofficial and custom builds, I try to remember to re-enable Trebuchet, but sometimes I forget

I think so. Trebuchet appears in the application list but cannot be used. This might be a bug.

From the LineageOs 18.1 rom file, I copied the Trebuchet application (with the folder) via Twrp into /system/system_ext/priv_app on my installed /e/ os r system. This is how I solved this problem. I am currently using /e/os with Trebuchet launcher. Because Bliss Launcher is very limited for this and I think it should be developed more. It’s really hard to use in this state. There should be more customization possibilities.

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@matrixportalx Sadly the everyday user will not even begin to know how to do that. Many won’t as they would scared to break their phone. This is why I made the proposal to enable it as an option. Maybe even on first setup.

Since you have your /e/OS working with Trebuchet, could you possibly take a few screenshots of your home-screen and app drawer to share with us here, so people can see what their /e/OS may look like if they had the option? Thanks in advance.


Some /e/ devices Home screen / desktop screenshots

when you deactivate trebuchet, you can’t use the icon at the bottom right for the multi process

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I don’t understand what you mean by the icon in the buttom right.

I can’t share screenshots yet as I’m a new user. I guess that’s the forum rules.
I have uploaded the link below.

I believe he means the “Recent Apps” page. I once disabled Trebuchet and it broke both my ability to go home, view recent apps and go back.

@Seven Yes, the best thing is that the trebuchet comes active. The system should be such that even the end user can easily use it.

Actually, Trebuchet app appears in /system/ext_system/priv_app folder. But for some reason it doesn’t seem to be active in the system. I hope Thebuchet will be active in the next update and anyone can choose Bliss or Trebuchet.

I’m new to the forum, I accidentally shared the link below. Trebuchet as Alternate /e/OS default launcher - #8 by matrixportalx

Sadly, this is just showing peoples own customization of /e/OS. None of which show Trebuchet as a default launcher. This really doesn’t address the initial post, about Trebuchet already being a part of /e/OS and having the option to set Trebuchet as a default launcher. I would specifically like to see a home screenshot of /e/OS using trebuchet as it’s default launcher.

Please reread my initial post. I did state that I am aware of /e/ disabling the ability to set Trebuchet as default. The purpose of the post is to encourage /e/ to give users the option, to re-enable that function, as to specifically select Trebuchet and the reasons behind my suggestion.

@DrinkingPants74 Like I mentioned in the initial post, somehow the Bliss launcher is tied to Trebuchet. Disable that and you disable Bliss.

Now could this be why /e/ is rewriting Bliss from scratch, to get away from being dependent on any trebuchet bits? It’s very possible.

I got hit by that a few times. After installing a third-party launcher the system would unset the default launcher choice. Tapping the Recents button would throw up errors from Trebuchet.
Odd that what I thought was an independent action/function seemed connected to a launcher.

yep, with trebuchet disabled, i can’t go on recent app
same with other launcher (kiss, omega)

I think this fits with Trebuchet being introduced in this way to allow horizontal scrolling of Recent apps, which seemed to become dropped in /e/ with the introduction of Android 10. (Just mention this for timeline – I saw the commit in the past but cannot find it now !)


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