My wish list for /e/

The problem s that you have /e/ tasks working only locally and you have to install opentasks to operate on davs or clouds

@smu44 Immortality has worked for me until now !

Minimal “James Bond” install or easy system app removal.

  1. To be able to place the apps icons where we actually want them to be unlike the buggy current bliss behaviour and to be able to remove them from the home screens.

  2. Finally the necessary freedom to uninstall “system apps” we don’t need and don’t want on our phones like the sketchy “apps” that won’t stop crashing since I cut it from internet access (a lot of users prefer to use the excellent Aurora store with F-droid) and the weather widget.
    It has been requested a long time ago (since the beginning actually) and we are still waiting for that basic freedom for an OS which marketing is based on “empowering its users”.


My personal list in order of importance:

  • Being able to use banking apps as it is a major blocking point for people around me
  • OTA OS upgrades to prevent the phone from going obsolete
  • Better dark mode because the UI revamp broke it and a lot of text is impossible to read
  • Better app store: many apps are out of date or impossible to find
  • Uninstall system apps

For me it’s

  1. Banking apps to work without Magisk hide (I don’t like to be forced using that method & it’s pain to try help family / relarives to use that while OS update will wipe that functionality => I don’t even try and many haven’t changed to use /e/), so it’s critical. Maybe passing SecureNet & rootcheck would be enough in many case.

  2. Better camera UI with detection of cameras or possibility to name those (if autodetection & naming won’t work) instead of just ID & show macro, wide etc. simply in the UI. Maybe even some night mode to camera app & possibility to take ie. 48MP pictures in case someone wants to.

  3. For Bliss, possibility to re-arrange apps in the folder and lot more stability so folders wouldn’t “explode” and throw all the apps around homescreens. This has currently forced me to change another launcher.

  4. Please at least consider to give option to spp drawer and if you do, give option to use app categories like at Poco launcher for example (and no, I don’t use Poco launcher, but it’s good example of app drawer with all + category views).

  5. Possibility to remove default weather widget & viewing suggested apps at widget view. Adding rss news widget would be nice. I do have Feeder installed, but possibility to see weather (from user selected weather widget) + news at glance would be nice.


  1. Simplify folderview at /e/ cloud, like putting system relsted folders under system folder or similar, leaving like Pictures (with subfolders for photos, screenshots etc), Videos and Documents + user created folders. Or something similar to make view more simple for those coming from google drive (one complains I’ve heard).

  2. Allow sharing Carnet notes (especially shopping list with another /e/ account), again similar function to Google Keep, but most likely needs changes to Carnet app too.


Just request to make the process simpler. Android empowers you to do this by default, it’s just not done with the press of a button. No need for the overly dramatic oratory like it’s the end of the world.


In first place I would like some malfunctions to be fixed.
I’ve got a Fairphone 3.

1.) Since 3 OS updates display of the timer does not work anymore (extremely tiny error message: “no translation found for seconds”). When I the device was new, it worked. It is a known problem discussed at github.

2.) Notifications of the calendar don’t come in time, but hours or even days after the event has passed by.

3.) Notifications of birthdays stored in Contacts apparently don’t exist at all.

4.) The weather widget with Open Weather worked in the beginning, but now is not accessible anymore. But perhaps Open Weather changed something?


A Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine that is actually understandable.


Bla bla bla… No, root ability to uninstall system apps is nowhere near anything “default”.
You are talking about a solution that implies geeky stuff like root, adb and magisk, come on, I thought /e/ was aiming for non technical people

  • More apps in the app store
  • More fluid activity switch. Something in the current launcher (or somewhere else?) slows the system down. I can feel the difference between the Fairphone OS vs. /e/ on my Fairphone 3+.
  • Update of the Notes app
  • More regular updates of the system apps from their upstream.
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Thanks for acknowledging the freedom you want to have is actually already there, you just don’t like the currently possible way to use it. (No root and Magisk required for this, by the way.)
I’m all for uninstalling system Apps to become more simple, too.

I’m pretty certain not everybody who uninstalled a system App would identify themselves as technical people. Empowering needs people who want to be empowered :wink: .


Hi @ralxx!

@pmoody’s installation instructions for Ivona-TTS here are absolutely excellent and the app is strongly recommended if you haven’t tried it already.

I just wish this info wasn’t buried 14 replies deep- it deserves wider promotion on the forum IMO.

Good luck!

  1. Separate projects for the core OS and the UI changes. e-core and e-UI. Users choose at install time whether to use e-UI or the default Lineage OS UI
  2. No forked apps in e-core unless needed for privacy
  3. Use existing app stores (F-Droid, Aurora Store) in e-core
  4. New and forked apps and UI changes go in e-UI, can be installed, updated and maintained from e-core (e.g using F-Droid)

Thanks @mcmd, I had read that post back then when it was published. And tried it. Really great. But I wish such a solution (or another one) for /e/ out of the box - for all those who are not tweakers but ‘just’ users.

Understood @ralxx. :+1:

While I’m not completely certain, I believe that version of the Ivona engine is freeware. If correct, I know that’s not true FOSS per se, but as I understand it, neither is Magic Earth and the /e/OS “bundles” it. Might be worth pursuing whether or not the engine could come pre-installed in addition to e-Speak: that would make life simpler for users for sure. Just a thought.

it is not against you, but please stop consider “Aurora” as a store,
it is a alternative to the “Gogol play” store because it is an “usurpator” client (coud work anonymly, without personal gogol account)
that’s why “ungogoled android OS” need a “redistributed apps” store (where some “end users” share their apps) if they want to use “gogol distributed apps”,
in case of cleanapk, we don’t know them, but we trust them.


It’s where I get my apps that aren’t in F-Droid. It’s as much a ‘store’ (in the sense of a store where you go to get stuff) as Apps or F-Droid or Play Store. I could use the phrase ‘app installation and update app’, but ‘store’ is shorter :wink:


I totally agree with that : having read tons of post complaining about app Y, stating that app X is “better”, asking where to find app Z or remove e-apps , I think that e-core with store apps is a very good idea.

Nevertheless, I enjoy stock /e/ apps, they fit my needs. But I understand that the actual monolithic model may not be suitable for everyone.

BTW “Aurora Store” is the name of the app, so one is quite right to call it … a “store” :wink:

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Do you want to raise the feature request or shall I? :wink:


You came first with the idea, so be my guest ! :wink:

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