My wish list for /e/

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Same for me, the “Editor” app suits my needs in this regard, maybe it would work for you?


Have a look there:
Maybe an Option.

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I use an app called Memorix from the /e/ App store. It allows an unlimited amount of notes to be created, edited and exported all at once as a zipped JSON file, each note with an ordinary time stamp, machine-readable wherever you want. You can even send this JSON file by email. – It’s not at all perfect and has two damned trackers, that’s why I’m still looking for a replacement, but I couldn’t find a better app until now.

  • Easy backup and restore of the complete phone. But also single data should be selectable for backup and restore - e.g. SMS messages. Backup content can easily be inspected and single files extracted.
  • Carddav/Caldav seamlessly coupled into phone
  • Unified Messaging. Single UI with message handling like Signal or Whatsapp as front end for SMS, instant messengers, Email, etc. for fast interaction. But the original apps are still available for specific message handling e.g. Fairmail.
  • Network security center
    • Deeply integrated firewall like AFWall.
    • Together with firewall an integrated blocker for trackers like Blockada.
  • Camera:
    • Integrated scanner (QR code, documents, etc.). Note: but maybe it is a security problem.
    • Easy editing of photos and videos directly from the camera UI. Auto correction of selfie photos.
  • Option to remove weather widget. Improved weather app with chart display and offering more fine grained information.
  • Translator app like Google Translator.
  • Integrated app like Shelter to manage private and work space.
  • Cleanup functionality to remove older data from phone.
  • Enhanced keyboard with swipe functionality, multi language support for word suggestions, speech to text, etc.
  • Unknown number handling - to fight ping calls.

In general I liked the MIUI when I owned an Xiaomi phone once. MIUI could be a good inspiration.


Most important for me:

  • Every app running in sandbox by default.

  • The possibility to let apps have access to a custom set of folders, files or pictures, which you can update - like with iOS, but more control. Default prompt when apps you have no settings for want access to pictures, camera, mic etc. where you can adjust these settings - like iOS, but more options.

  • Built-in app lock :lock:

  • The ability to delete default apps permanently and not let them update at all.

  • QR scanner in the default camera app


Already possible, but could of course be made easier .

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yes QR Scanner in Default Camera app.

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If I have to use dev options, it is not good enough. Deleting default apps should be as easy as removing them from the homescreen :slightly_smiling_face: No standard functionality should be hidden for regular users.


I don’t get why you write that. I was referring to iOS because the UI for these options are very good and transparent there. It does not relate to bloat at all.

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Maybe not good enough, but possible :wink:
And it is not rocket science. It is just a few ADB commands, well documented…

Definitely possible, but if we want /e/ and Murena to succeed, we cannot hide behind technicalities :wink:

We should ask ourselves:

  • Could a non-technical person do this without the need for guides or technical language?

  • Are the UI and the options presented to the user intuitive and transparent?

I don’t want /e/ or the community to end up like some Linux forums where the standard is ignoring mass appeal and writing something similar to “Just use the terminal”. That is not healthy for a modern OS.


You’re right. I apologise, and I have deleted my comment

No need to apologise, but thank you for being nice :+1:t2:

A question should be why these preinstalled apps are somehow “different” from other apps installed later! I don’t want any difference there, I don’t see any advantage.

All these preinstalled apps have their purpose and it’s good they are there but they should also be uninstallable just like any other app. Apps should be able to do that. And Apps should also provide a mechanism to reinstall them after an uninstall. Where’s the problem?

If I remember how many questions have been asked here about “getting rid of the damned Weather widget”. – These uninstallable disturbing (!) things on the screen are just patronizing and peeving people. Who needs that? The OS and its GUI on top should help the users to realize what they (!) want and except for what has just been said stay out of their way. Developers (myself included) oftenly forget that their software is for users, not the other way around.


Another point on my wishlist :

different ringtones for the 2 SIM cards (FP3)

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  1. Solidly working synchronization with e cloud, particularly photos
  2. Easy full backup

Ordered by importance:

  • stable and reliebale OTA upgrades
  • fast updates on security patches
  • backup App and a corresponding Nextcloud App to store backups on Nextcloud server (to fully use /e/-Os with nextcloud without the need of an eCloud accout)
  • a usable and up to date (and security scanned) App store

A new wish, if I may get greedy
I’m getting an awful lot of calls about my car’s extended warranty…I’d sure like it if there was a “Suspected Spam Call” functionality available for /e/.

But then you have to include a SPAM List distri and have to trust them…borderline…